Peace & Freedom Party Convention Set for August 4-5 in Los Angeles

The Peace & Freedom Party will choose its presidential nominee on the weekend of August 4-5. The location will be near the Los Angeles International Airport. The decision will be made by members of the State Central Committee, who are collectively all the members of all the county central committees. Although the election of members of the county central committee was carried out on June 5 at the party’s primary, it is still difficult to predict which presidential candidate will win the nomination. Many committee members appear undecided.

Candidates seeking the nomination are Stewart Alexander, Rocky Anderson, Stephen Durham, and Peta Lindsay.

The party’s lawsuit over whether Lindsay should have been on the party’s presidential primary ballot has a hearing in federal court in Sacramento on August 27. The issue is whether someone who does not meet the constitutional qualifications to be President should have been allowed on the party’s presidential primary ballot. Although the judge denied injunctive relief on April 26, the constitutional issues remain to be resolved.


  1. The USA Parliament extends an invitation to Peta Lindsay to be on our unity team of 28 elected US Presidential candidates. Should anyone be elected as our presidential candidate, although they are not 35 years old, their name would be automatically eliminated and the next highest ranked name would be elected in their stead.

    Check out the 28 POTUS candidates elected to our unity team in 2012. The actual ballots cast as proof are also on our web page here:

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