Jill Stein Inches Closer to Qualifying for Primary Season Matching Funds

Jill Stein, frontrunner for the Green Party presidential nomination, has now raised at least $5,000 in matchable donations from thirteen states. However, she won’t qualify for primary season matching funds unless she meets that goal in at least twenty states. The two latest states in which she has met the goal are Oregon and Michigan.


  1. raymond · · Reply

    She’s building steam. Lets see where she’ll go from here.


  2. Reed Ebarb · · Reply

    Good luck to her. I’m not a member of the Green Party, but any success for Third Parties is good. Does anyone know the progress on her getting Ballot Access? (that means you Richard)

  3. It looks like Illinois is a lost cause.

    I wonder how absolute the 06/30 deadline is for her. the convention doesn’t happen for two weeks thereafter.

    Where were these donors in December?

  4. Jim Ivey · · Reply

    Some feedback to the original article and the comments:
    1) The campaign is _MUCH_ closer to the goal than just 13 out of 20 states. As of early this morning, the next seven states were all over halfway to the target, and most were much closer. The total gap needed to close all seven of those states was only $7000, and that’s not including contributions from over 100 new donors today. A week ago that total gap was around $24000, so they definitely have a shot at making this happen.
    2) The donors have been steadily increasing throughout the past week. The website shows 1927 donors right now. Two days ago they had just crossed the 1500 mark, and reset their goal to 2000 donors. They should blow past that sometime tomorrow morning.
    3) The campaign is finally getting some significant support, with a letter from seven leading peace activists yesterday, and five leading healthcare advocates today. Those are quite probably adding to the momentum, as word gets out about a candidate that actually represents progressive ideals.
    4) Don’t know what “clay” means by Illinois being a lost cause. They passed the matching funding requirement a long time ago, and just submitted over 30,000 signatures to get her on the ballot.
    For those of you that are frustrated with the corporate-backed two-party system, this is a serious campaign where small individual efforts can have a major impact. Go to the website (http://jilstein.org/donate), make a contribution, spread the word to your friends, and then sign up to help with ballot access.

  5. Baronscarpia · · Reply

    You know what Jill Stein needs? She needs a Super Pac to support her. Just one!

    Surely the USSC decision fostered dozens and dozens of Super Pacs which are out there raising tens of millions of dollars to support third parties. Can’t Jill Stein tap one of them?

  6. Jim Ivey · · Reply

    Baronscarpia (#5) – Green Party presidential candidates don’t take money from corporations or PACs. If you’re tired of corporations and their well-funded interest groups controlling our elections, donate to a third-party campaign that’s working for public funding.

    And an update: The campaign is now at 16 out of 20 states, and only needs another $3750 across the next four states to make the goal: North Carolina ($292 to go), Florida ($426 to go), Virginia ($1061 to go) and Connecticut ($1968 to go). Help make it happen. Go to http://jillstein.org/donate, make a contribution, and then spread the word everywhere.

  7. Darcy G Richardson · · Reply

    Baronscarpia was being facetious. He’s been one of this blog’s most delightfully outspoken critics of the Citizens United decision, a ruling, incidentally, that is proving to be the death knell of representative democracy in this country — precisely as Baronscarpia predicted in January 2010.

  8. Jim Ivey · · Reply

    #7 – Yeah, my bad. My sarcasm meter was definitely broken today.

  9. Darcy G Richardson · · Reply

    No problem. Baronscarpia has been one of our nation’s most profound voices — a prescient truth teller, that rare individual who cuts to the substance in an era of convoluted thinking.

    Third parties and independent candidates had it rough enough before the devastating Citizens United decision.

    Now it’s just a matter of picking out the appropriate flowers for the gravesite.

    Any minor party advocate who supported that decision back in 2009 and 2010 needs his or her head examined.

    Sorry, but that’s the sad truth.

  10. Darcy G Richardson · · Reply

    Welcome to Corporate America.

  11. Christina Persson · · Reply

    Does anyone know the ballot access status for the Green Party and Jill Stein in Indiana? I want to add my name to the list of supporters, have the printed copy of the form for ballot access in Indiana but am not sure where to drop it off. The clerk’s office in my county has no clue about “those other parties and their candidates” and could not help me.

  12. Baronscarpia · · Reply

    9 –

    Heh…profundity AND prescience? I’ll have to ask my wife to read your post!

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