Libertarian Party Will Attempt to Gain Status as a "Party" in District of Columbia

The Libertarian Party has never been a ballot-qualified party in the District of Columbia. The law defines “party” as a group that polled at least 7,500 votes for a partisan office. Elections for “Shadow U.S. Senator” and “Shadow U.S. Representative” don’t count. This year, Libertarian Bruce Majors will attempt to gather 3,000 signatures to appear on the November ballot as the Libertarian nominee for Delegate to the U.S. House, which does count.

So far, there is no Republican running for that position, although there is a Green, Natale Stracuzzi. No Republican ran for that office in this year’s Republican primary.

Only once before has the Libertarian Party placed someone on the November ballot for Delegate. That was in 2000, when Rob Kampia received 4,594 votes, in a four-party race that included both major parties and a Socialist Workers Party nominee. See this story about the Majors 2012 candidacy.


  1. Curt Boyd · · Reply

    I assume Gary Johnson and Jim Gray will be included in their petition?

  2. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    If Gary Johnson gets 7,500 votes in the District of Columbia, would that meet the requirement for being a party?

  3. Reed Ebarb · · Reply

    I believe the only way they can become a party is if Majors gets 7,500 votes. Being recognized in D.C. would be a small but important step for the Libertarian Party.

  4. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Where are any LP voters in Deficit City – living in trees or underground ???

    What percentage of the voters in D.C. pay *NET* taxes — pay more in taxes than they get from govts ???

    1, 5, 10, 15, 20 ???

    The EVIL New Age — become a NET tax LOOTER as soon as possible ??? Duh.

    Govt officers and employees
    Govt contractors
    Govt interest getters [loans to govts]
    Govt welfare folks – i.e. those *transfer payment* folks

    See the current debts and UN-funded liabilities of the various LOOTER governments – Fed, State, local.

  5. Gov. Johnson and the Hon. Jim Gray will need 4667 signatures by Aug 8th to appear on the ballot(this part I’m sure of). Petitions for candidates can be done together, but multiple forms(one for each candidate) will need to be signed(as far as I know).

  6. Common Tater · · Reply

    p and vp are same form, otherwise yes

  7. Derek · · Reply

    If the third parties in heavy leaning Democratic and Republican states for Presidential Elections would focus on being the runner-up party, that would bring much media attention!

    Imagine on Election Night hearing the Greens beating the Republicans for second in DC or the Constitutionalists beating the Democrats for second in Utah or the Libertarians beating the Democrats for second in Wyoming!!

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