South Carolina Legislative Race Will Probably List Only Two Candidates, a Libertarian and an Independent

It is likely that the only two names printed on the November 2012 ballot in South Carolina’s state house race, 26th district, will be Libertarian Jeremy Walters and independent Raye Felder. See this story.

No Democrat ran. The Republican, Raye Felder, failed to qualify because of the May 2 decision of the State Supreme Court that disqualified all primary candidates who didn’t file Statements of Economic Interest in March. They had to file using printed forms, and also has to file electronically, and over 200 Republicans and Democrats failed to get on the primary ballots because they did not take both actions by the deadline. However, Felder is petitioning to be on the ballot in the general election as an independent candidate, and her petition will probably succeed.

South Carolina has a straight-ticket device, which injures independent candidates. South Carolina permits write-ins in general elections, so conceivably yet another candidate could emerge as a write-in candidate.


  1. That will be and interesting race for sure now. I like it.

  2. Dave Gillespie · · Reply

    South Carolina, always one of the least competitive states, is sinking toward the level of competition (ie, none) that existed in the old Soviet Union. In 2008,for example, only 40 of 124 SC lower house districts featured November competition of any sort (R v. D or major-party incumbent v. third-party challenger). With the disqualification of candidates in so many primaries for various offices this year, things will be worse in November. Here’s hoping for lemonaide out of the lemon this year in the 26th district: a Libertarian or an independent!

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