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Roseanne Barr is Still a Registered Green, Even as She Seeks Peace & Freedom Presidential Nomination

According to the Los Angeles Registrar of Voters office, as of July 31, Roseanne Barr is still a registered Green, even though she is now seeking the Peace & Freedom Party presidential nomination. There are no election law issues related to how she is registered, and she could qualify as the PFP presidential candidate no […]

U.S. District Court Refuses to Force Tennessee to Let Voters at Polls Use Photo-Library Cards

On July 31, a U.S. District Court refused to require Tennessee to let voters identify themselves at the polls by showing their Memphis library photo-ID. See this story. The case is Turner-Golden v Hargett, middle district, 3:12-cv-765.

Associated Press Article Says Obama Campaign Monitoring Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode

This Associated Press article says that the Obama campaign is monitoring news about Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode, but gives no source for that information. UPDATE: here is a much longer and more comprehensive version of the AP story.

U.S. District Court Seems Likely to Rule in Favor of Voters in Ohio Lawsuit on Provisional Voting

See this article for a description of the July 30 hearing in Ohio, in the latest lawsuit over whether provisional ballots should be counted when the ballot is cast in the right building, but the wrong precinct. The author of the article suggests that the Ohio Secretary of State will lose this case, at least […]

Ballot Access Hearing in Vermont

On July 31, arguments were held in Superior Court in Montpelier in the ballot access lawsuit filed by the Justice Party. The case is Anderson v State of Vermont. Rocky Anderson and the Justice Party submitted petitions to 22 town clerks in a timely manner, and the Justice Party did have at least 1,000 valid […]

Decision Expected Soon on Whether Tennessee Must Let Voters at Polls Identify Themselves with Memphis Photo-Library Cards

A decision is expected momentarily on whether the state of Tennessee must let voters at the polls identify themselves with a City of Memphis library card. Memphis library cards include a photo of the holder, as well as a bar code. The lawsuit was filed by several Memphis voters, plus the city of Memphis. One […]

Ron Faucheux, in Atlantic Monthly, Advocates Repeal of All Limits on Campaign Donations

Ron Faucheux, editor-in-chief of Campaigns & Elections magazine, and currently a pollster, in this article advocates that all limits on donations to candidates and political parties should be repealed. Faucheux is a former state legislator and has participated as a campaign manager in over 100 campaigns for elected office. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the […]