119 Republican Delegates to National Convention Sue Republican National Committee and All State Republican Parties

On June 11, a lawsuit was filed by 119 Republican delegates to the Republican National Convention, alleging that all delegates should be allowed to vote for whomever they wish at the upcoming convention, and also complaining about various instances when the Republican National Committee showed bias in favor of Mitt Romney and against other candidates for the nomination. The overwhelming number of delegates in the lawsuit are Ron Paul supporters. Paul does not endorse this lawsuit but neither has he criticized it. The case is Delegates to the Republican National Convention et al v Republican National Committee et al. It is filed in U.S. District Court in Orange County, California, and is case 8:12-cv-927. The case also includes a few non-delegate voters.

The case was assigned to Judge David O. Carter, who promptly referred it to Alternate Dispute Resolution, a system in which cases are mediated.

The plaintiffs include the following number of Delegates from each of these states: Alabama 1, Alaska 2, Arizona 53, California 3, Colorado 4, Florida 1, Georgia 35, Illinois 3, Iowa 1, Louisiana 1, Maine 2, Massachusetts 2, Michigan 3, Missouri 2, Nevada 3, New Jersey 1, South Carolina 1, Texas 1. The attorney for the delegates is Richard C. Gilbert of Santa Ana, California.


  1. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    Richard, you seem to be an expert on election lawsuits. Any predictions on how this one will turn out?

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    Courts always let national conventions of major political parties set their own rules, so this lawsuit has little chance. Probably the people who filed it know that, but filed it anyway to air their grievances and put some public opinion pressure on the party.

  3. I would thought Oregon would be on this list since some nominating county conventions were shut down while the voting was still taking place. Delegates didn’t have a chance to finish nominations. By shutting down early, maybe those establishment Republicans, will appoint members to fill those unfilled positions.

  4. I think these people are more “Paulist” than Paul is. At this point it looks like Paul pretty much wants Romney to win the election, but just doesn’t want to come out and say it. I actually think Paul may have campaigned this time around mainly on Romney’s behalf, because he personally likes Mitt, and wanted to do the guy the favor of taking some votes from Gingrich and/or whoever else was polling well enough to challenge Romney.

    It’s frustrating.

  5. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Each Donkey/Elephant convention since 1832 (repeat 1832) especially = EVIL control freak OLIGARCHS at work.

    See the EVIL oligarchs in England in 1066-1600s.

    Abolish the EVIL Electoral College and ALL of the EVIL connected with it — the EVIL party hack caucuses, primaries and conventions.

    Uniform definition of Elector-Voter.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  6. America works because no one person or group(s) pushes us around. (Not for very long; anyway) God bless America.

  7. William Kennedy · · Reply

    Has Frank MacKay of the NY Independence Party gone to jail yet?

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