Libertarian Party Posts List of Candidates

The Libertarian Party national web page now has a list of Libertarian Party candidates in the November 2012 election. See it here. This list will grow. In some states the time for the party to nominate candidates is still in the future.

The list mentions some California candidates for partisan office, but all of those candidates are barred from running in November because they failed to place first or second in the June 5 primary.

The state with the most Libertarian candidates so far is Texas.


  1. Common Tater · · Reply

    Pretty sure that list has been up for a while. Or maybe it was taken down and put back up?

  2. give-me-liberty · · Reply

    That list has been up for quite a while. In fact, many of those candidates lost in the primary.

  3. The LP only has a few states with primaries, so most of the list is current.

  4. give-me-liberty · · Reply

    What I meant was California’s primary. I accidentally left that out.

  5. Demo Rep · · Reply

    P.R. and NONPARTISAN App.V.

    P.R. = Total Votes / Total Seats = Most minor parties would actually elect legislators.

    Also – TOTAl separation of powers.

    i.e. the legislators would be directly responsible for most of the laws in the regime involve — voters control the rest by direct majority rule.

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