Some Illinois Minor Party Congressional and Legislative Candidate Petitions are Challenged

On July 2, challenges were filed to seven Constitution Party legislative candidate petitions, and two Libertarian legislative candidate petitions, in Illinois. The seven challenged Constitution Party candidates are Gary Dunlap, running for State Senate, 27th district; Michael W. Oberline, running for State Senate, 48th district; Scott Kossack, for State Representative, district 118; Richard Evans, State Representative, 43rd district; Robert MeKerrow, State Representative, district 108; Joe Norris, State Representative, district 95; and Frank Mazo, State Representative, district 96. The challenged Libertarian candidates are Doug Marks, running for State Senate, 33rd district; and Chad Grimm, State Representative, 92nd district.

Also, challenges were filed to two Constitution Party U.S. House candidates, Randy Stufflebeam (12th district) and Tim Pearcy (15th district). And one was filed to the Green Party nominee in the 12th district, Paula Bradshaw.

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