Arizona Top-Two Open Primary Proponents File 365,486 Signatures for Their Initiative

On July 5, the Arizona deadline for submitting initiative petitions, proponents of the top-two open primary filed 365,486 signatures. The requirement is 259,213 signatures. The measure will have enough valid signatures if 71% or more of the signatures are valid.


  1. Great! Mathematically, top two makes a lot of sense.

  2. Larry Allred · · Reply

    When the feature length movie is eventually is made about top-two, a life form will be needed to play the part, and I’m thinking flesh-eating bacteria. Seriously, extreme light therapy is needs to be pointed at issue. BAN x 1,000.

  3. Demo Rep · · Reply

    top 2 disease = 2 plurality extremist monsters for each position in each gerrymander district

    — instead of merely 1 plurality extremist monster for each robot party hack gang – with some delusional independents thrown in.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

    NO evil moron primaries are needed.

  4. Arizona is marching down the road to the People’s Republic of California…

  5. The latest Arizona voter registration figures, released a few days ago, show the Americans Elect Party is the fastest-growing party in Arizona, having increased its registered voters by over 13% since March. Thanks to the twenty Arizonans who joined the 148 Americans Elect Party voters in the past three months; there are now 168 of us.

    I am running as a write-in candidate for the Americans Elect Party nomination in the Fourth Congressional District. I need one write-in vote in the August 28 primary to get the nomination and be on the November ballot along with the Democratic and Republican candidates. You can vote in the Americans Elect Party primary if you change your registration to Americans Elect in the next month — or if you are not affiliated with any party (independent or non-affiliated), you can ask for an Americans Elect primary ballot.

    We are looking for other candidates to run for office on the Americans Elect Party. We need a candidate in the Fifth Congressional District, which includes most of the East Valley. We need candidates for U.S. Senator, the Corporation Commission, all congressional seats (I invite someone to run against me so we can have the first contested Americans Elect Party primary in history), all legislative seats and any partisans office (like Pinal or Maricopa Sheriff).

    It is simple to get on the ballot as an Americans Elect Party candidate:

    1. Go online and register as a member of the Americans Elect Party.

    2. Download, print out, fill out and get notarized the one-page form at the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s website to run as a write-in candidate. There are two forms, one for Congress (federal write-in), one for other offices (state legislature, corporation commission) (for county forms, see your county elections office website).

    3. Mail this signed and notarized form to the Secretary of State’s office (or drop it off at the Capitol in Phoenix) (for local offices, file with your county recorder). THE DEADLINE IS JULY 17.

    4. Vote for yourself by writing yourself in and getting other independent voters or Americans Elect Party voters to do the same in the August 28 primary.
    5. If you get one vote (and no one else is running), you will be certified for the November ballot by the Secretary of State.

    You can join the Americans Elect Party whatever your political beliefs. The Americans Elect Party candidate for Congress in the Eighth Congressional District is a conservative and I am a liberal. There is no statewide or national party organization. You can run your campaign as you see fit.

    With “top two” likely to be the rule after this year’s election, this is your last chance to so effortlessly become a candidate on the ballot for Congress, the U.S. Senate (you will be invited to debate the Republican and Democratic candidates on TV, most likely), the state legislature, or any other partisan office. If you want your voice to be heard, don’t just comment on web sites — run!

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