Gallup Poll Includes Five Presidential Candidates, Finds Gary Johnson at 3%, Jill Stein at 1%, Virgil Goode Under 1%

On July 6, Gallup Polls released this poll, which includes five presidential candidates: President Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Virgil Goode. The poll shows support for the three minor party members as: Johnson 3%, Stein 1%, Goode under 1%. The poll did tell the respondents the party affiliation of these candidates. The poll shows President Obama at 47% and Mitt Romney at 40%.

If Gary Johnson were to poll 3% in November, and 3% in each jurisdiction, then the Libertarian Party would have met the vote test for a party to remain on the ballot, for the first time ever, in Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, and Kentucky.


  1. While I understand Rep. Paul’s supporters and their dedication, I honestly doubt the ability of the group to overcome the convention proceedures. Their method of putting sympathizers in delegate positions at state conventions is a genius way to force discussion, and opens numerous possibilites. However, Romney’s supporters (the RNC itself) are gearing to stamp out the dissension.

    Back to point; Part of the problem contributing to a lack of Third Party/Independent representation in the electorate is the fact that few voters actually know that there are other candidates besides the Republicans and Democrats.

    We can blame part of the issue on a lack of inclusion of these repective candidates in polling, surveys, and interviews.

    The majority of the blame (and thus the duty to correct), however, must be put on the individual voters. Between apathy, short-sightedness, and complacency it is a system that is not conducive to legitimate representation and has little hope of being changed unless voter mindset is changed as well.

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    One more EVIL minority rule Prez coming soon ???
    Abolish the EVIL timebomb minority rule Electoral College.

    Uniform definition of Elector-Voter in all of the U.S.A.

    P.R. legislative and nonpartisan App.V. executive/judicial.

    Abolish all EVIL timebomb executive vetoes — a vestige of the EVIL divine right of kings EVIL stuff from the Stone Age.

  3. Reed Ebarb · · Reply

    Wow. That is great news. The Johnson campaign picking up steam.

  4. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    If Johnson gets 5% or greater, than the Libertarian gets federal funding asssitance for its national party convention.

  5. Raymond · · Reply

    If the Greens and Libertarians got together they could pull 4%. It’s about numbers right now. If a third party did break through I am sure the two parties would find a way to end them.

  6. They would do so by taking the party’s platform and planks

  7. Reed Ebarb · · Reply

    No. I joint ticket isn’t even a possible scenario. As an LP member, if a LP and Green party ticket was fused, I would leave the LP. The parties are very different and the idea that they would fuse would hurt both parties.

  8. Jim Ivey · · Reply

    This poll was actually done June 7-10. Johnson has been included in other polls since then. Stein and Johnson were also included in a June 22-24 PPP poll in Massachusetts:

  9. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    @5… check out

    he calls it PLAS (Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy)

  10. Fantine · · Reply

    I think Robert Milnes is a fictitious character.

  11. Demo Rep · · Reply

    # 9 To Incorporate Constitutions


  12. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Do the Donkeys LOVE Divide-and-Conquer or what ???

    Worked in 1992 ???

    Will work again in 2012 ??? Stay tuned.

  13. J D FARGO · · Reply


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