Georgia Greens Hope to Place a State Legislative Candidate on Ballot for First Time

The Georgia Green Party is working to place Kwabena Nkromo on the November ballot for the State House, 57th district. If the petition succeeds, it will be the first time the party has placed a nominee on the general election ballot, in a regularly-scheduled election, for any state or federal office in Georgia. The party has in the past been on the ballot for local partisan office.

Nkromo needs approximately 1,500 valid signature by August 6. He has been petitioning for the last two months. The 57th district is in southwest Atlanta. Assuming he gets on the ballot, he will face the winner of the Democratic primary. The two candidates in the Democratic primary, Pat Gardner and Rashad Taylor, are both incumbents. The recent redistricting placed both of them in the same district. See this story about Nkromo. The story has a small factual error; the election is on November 6, not July 31. July 31 is the date of the Democratic and Republican primaries.

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  1. Any news on what happened, or is happening with the Green Party’s Cynthia McKinney, and her attempt to get 80,000 petitions to get on ballot for U.S. House?

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