New Arizona Registration Tally; Americans Elect is the Only Party to Gain Members

The Arizona Secretary of State recently released new voter registration statistics, as of June 1. During the last three months, elections officials conducted a purge, and the number of registered voters declined. The only party that increased its registration was Americans Elect, which went from 148 registered voters to 168 registered voters.

The increase may be due to the activity of a group of Arizona activists who are promoting the Americans Elect Party and who are encouraging candidates to file for public office (other than President) in the Americans Elect primary. Any registered member of that party may file as a write-in candidate in that party’s primary. The deadline for doing that is July 17. Whoever gets the most votes, whether write-ins or not, will be the party’s nominee for that particular office in November. So far only two offices (two different U.S. House seats) have Americans Elect candidates.

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