Cheri Honkala is Jill Stein's Choice for Vice-President

Jill Stein has asked the Green Party national convention to nominate Cheri Honkala for Vice-President. Honkala was the Green Party’s nominee for Sheriff of Philadelphia in 2011. She founded the Poor People’s Econominc Human Rights Campaign. See this story. The Green Party chooses its national ticket in Baltimore on July 14.


  1. Curt Boyd · · Reply

    A good choice! I hope this will help strengthen the Green Party in PA, and help get them ballot access.

  2. PW asks if this will get more attention to ballot access problems in PA (at the very least, I’ve already talked to one local Green who said this is motivating him to collect more signatures):

  3. rmthinks · · Reply

    What about Rocky Anderson, former Democratic Salt Lake Mayor now running for the Justice Party presidential nomination, but not likely to get on many ballots? Or Roseanne Barr, who came in second for the Green Party presidential nomination?

  4. PayBack Rule · · Reply

    Uh oh, were the Illinois Greens committing “electorate fraud” when they filed Howie Hawkins for VP instead? Vacancies in nomination can be tricky business in Illinois.

  5. Look, Cheri is lovely.

    Rosanne would have been a better choice.

    Especially, since it appears Rosanne will seek some other parties nomination in California.

    These are not easy choices. The logic and strategy is simple enough. The Stein campaign hoped Cheri has the grass root chops to get the Green Party on the ballot in Penn Statewide. That’s a big deal.

    I think Rosanne would have brought more media, more gifts to the campaign.

    This will be decided Saturday by the Green Party delegates.

    That is fair enough.

    Politics is a rough, tough, uncertain adventure.

    Let’s see what comes out at the Green convention.

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