Michigan May Cancel September 5 Primary for Special Election to Fill Vacant U.S. House Seat

According to this news story, Michigan can cancel the September 5 primary in the 11th U.S. House district if only one person files in the Republican primary and/or the Democratic primary. So far no Democrat has announced any intention to run, and one of the two Republicans may withdraw to save the cost of holding the special primary. The special election is for a term that would last only two months.


  1. Larry Allred · · Reply

    It is bizarre that the top concern of the press, political class and citizenry would be the cost of a primary election. A congressional vote is at stake. It is as if the insiders lining up candidates do the voters a big favor because they’ll each get a rebate of a dollar, but of course they won’t even get that.

    Hey people, there’s benefits to many candidates and unpredictable outcomes!

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Again – candidate/incumbent rank order lists for replacements.

    NO special elections.

    What if the EVIL 911 terrorist folks had crashed a plane into the Capitol — or even a Japanese carrier attack on 7 Dec 1941 had attacked D.C. — and wiped out ALL of the Congress folks ???

    The special election stuff in the 1787 Const. is one more dangerous / obsolete part of the regime.

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