Justice Party Nominates Luis Rodriguez for Vice-President

On July 18, the Justice Party nominated Luis Rodriguez for vice-president. He is the author of fifteen books, and is co-founder of the Network for Revolutionary Change. Here is more about him.


  1. Larry Allred · · Reply

    I intend to read some of his work. I hope he can contribute to the debate about US Senate fillibuster/cloture rule reform. The conversation he’ll have with Americans in this electoral season might be especially inspirational, may it lead to a US Poet Lauriate selection.

  2. Shades of Peter Camejo and Matt Gonzalez–the two California Hispanics Nader had as his running mates in 2004 and 2008. I’m not sure what kind of an impact Rodriguez will have for Anderson though I’m taking this as a bid for the Peace and Freedom line in California. I fail to see how Anderson gets more than 100,000 votes without it. The pick is not getting much attention but then neither is Anderson’s campaign in general.

  3. Where will Anderson be on the ballot?

    The B.A.N. newsletter doesn’t give a figure, but the ballot access looks like this to me, based on a google search of the archives:

    Oregon (via Progressive Party)
    New Mexico (via Independent Party)

    New Jersey
    California (via Peace & Freedom)
    Florida (via Ecology Party, maybe already happened)
    Vermont (pending lawsuit)

    Michigan (via Natural Law Party)


    Nader got 119,285 votes in the “done” and “likely” states, less CA (worth 108,381). However, Nader was also on the ballot in 40+ states and had some momentum from previous races. I think Anderson is looking at McKinney level votes in most states, except Utah.

  4. So he won’t get on the ballot in Colorado? If the party can’t pay the $500 fee to get on the ballot it may need to reasses its focus.

  5. Oh, I forgot about Colorado. I have no inside information, just did a quick review of the BAN archives to start discussion.

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