Washington State Will Allow Voters to Register via Facebook

On July 18, the Washington Secretary of State said soon individuals will be able to register to vote using Facebook. Washington already permits individuals to register to vote on-line. See this story for the details. Thanks to Mike Drucker for this news.


  1. Jeff Becker · · Reply


  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    How many MEGA internet security violations so far ???

    How EVIL INSANE are the New Age liberal-progressive usual suspect regimes ???

  3. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    any time of online registration should be banned. In my state of new jersey a signature is generally required in order to vote, i don’t see how a signature can be matched with a registration document that is filled out online.

  4. Dan Meek · · Reply

    The headline is misleading. Washington does not allow voters to register via Facebook. It simply allows users with Facebook accounts to go to use a Washington State site and have a voter registration form automatically populated with name, address, phone, etc., info. The Washington State site also requires other information that the Facebook user does not have on Facebook, such as driver’s license number. Washington State then borrows the voter’s signature from the driver’s license records.

    “Once you start the process, you’re no longer entering data on Facebook. Facebook is not collecting any of the data,” Hamlin said.

  5. Mark B. · · Reply

    Here in Indiana, we have online voter registration. Secure and sensitive banking business is done online every day; and electronic signatures are every day used to enter into contracts online.

    Most importantly, my state has not seen any sort of registration fraud enabled by the registration being online.

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