Alex Vassar's "OneVoter" Blog Covers the Six California Candidates who Qualified for November Ballot via Write-ins

Alex Vassar’s “OneVoter” blog has been covering California elections for many years, and also has a database of California election returns from the past. This OneVoter post covers the six candidates who won a spot on the November 2012 ballot via write-in votes. In California Congressional and legislative races at the June 5 primary, there were eight offices for which only one person filed to be on the top-two open primary ballot. In six of those districts, write-ins candidates filed. Whichever write-in candidate received the most write-in votes placed second. Under top-two rules, that person then qualified to appear on the November ballot.

The six write-in candidates who will advance are three Republicans and three Peace & Freedom Party members. The three PFP members are the only minor party members who will appear on the November ballot in a partisan race (except for President). One of the three PFP members, Lee Chauser, only received three write-ins, but because no other write-in candidate was running, he qualified for the November ballot.

Two races had only one person on the ballot, and no write-in candidate filed. Therefore, in those races, the November ballot will list one candidate, and no write-in space (because California’s top-two law eliminates write-in space in November). A voter in Assembly district 14, and in Assembly district 64, will be faced with only one choice, and no means to vote against that one choice. Thanks to Irv Sutley for the link.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Gee – do NOT file petitions ???

    Just be a write-in candidate ??? — in those de facto ONE party safe seat gerrymander districts.
    P.R. = NO safe seats

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Also – how many gerrymander MONSTER incumbents will lose to a non-incumbent ???

    About ZERO in the rigged packed/cracked gerrymander districts ???

    Stay tuned to the Rigged/FRAUD election results in Nov. 2012 in CA.

  3. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    It will be interesting to see how many undervotes are cast in the two districts that have only 1 candidate on the ballot

  4. Jim Riley · · Reply

    The interesting result is how low the number of write-ins were in CD 37, even though it was a 3-way contest.

    Contrast with SD 3, where there were two Republicans running. Though senate districts are somewhat larger than congressional districts, there were 70 times as many write-in votes. That is, there was an actual effort to get out the write-in vote. Similarly, the P&F outorganized the Libertarians in SD 9.

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