Second Republican Files for Primary in Special Election, Forcing Michigan to Hold a September 2012 Primary

Two Republicans have now filed to run for the special election for Michigan’s U.S. House seat in the Eleventh District. See this story. Assuming both Republicans have enough valid signatures, now Michigan will be forced to hold a special primary on September 5, even though the November special election is only for a two-month term. Michigan also holds an August primary for all offices.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Will the bill for the election be sent to the EVIL MORON McCotter ???

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply,4670,7-127-1633_11976_45674_60072-282904–,00.html

    The MORON McCotter really has done his EVIL stuff in Michigan — MAJOR election chaos.

    How many voters will show up in NEW [wrong] precincts in the election [IF it happens] — due to the OLD precincts being used ???

    ANY divided or combined old precincts — to add to the chaos ???

    Cost per Vote ??? $20, $50, more ??? Stay tuned.

    How much overtime cash involved so far — even if there is NO special primary ???

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