Recent Nader Brief in Maine Lawsuit Against Democratic Party Gives Interesting Details

Ralph Nader recently filed this brief in support of his claim against the Maine Democratic Party, and the national Democratic Party, over its actions to prevent voters from voting for him in the 2004 presidential election. The case is pending in local state court in Washington County, Maine. The brief is interesting because it gives some specific details of some of the actions taken by the Democratic Party.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    How many $$$ TRILLIONS are being given in 2012 by Donkey/Elephant gangs to right/left third parties respectively in the marginal gerrymander States to DIVIDE and CONQUER ???

    Is Nader now a bit OLD to mess with the EVIL Donkeys/Elephants ???

    Nader has been fighting the regime since the early 1960s — about 50 years plus.

  2. SEbastian · · Reply

    Thank you Richard for copy of the Brief. Oliver Hall and his staff do great work on these submissions. SEb

  3. Mark Brown · · Reply

    Nice job, Oliver.

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