Georgia Green Party and Constitution Party Ask U.S. District Court for Reconsideration in Ballot Access Case

On July 24, the Georgia Green Party and the Georgia Constitution Party filed a request for reconsideration in their ballot access case, which is called Green Party of Georgia v State of Georgia and Brian Kemp. U.S. District Court Judge Richard W. Story had last week dismissed the case before the state had even filed its answer.

The reconsideration request points out that the case involves presidential ballot access. Judge Story had dismissed the case, because Georgia ballot access for other office has been upheld before, and Judge Story had cited three cases relating to ballot access for Governor and Congress. The request for reconsideration points out that the U.S. Supreme Court had said in 1983 that states have less interest in keeping presidential candidates off the ballot, than candidates for other office. The request for reconsideration also points out that the Eleven Circuit had said the same thing in Bergland v Harris in 1985. Georgia is in the Eleventh Circuit.

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