Arizona State Court Hearing on Validity of Top-Two Open Primary Initiative Set for August 3

An Arizona Superior Court Judge will hear arguments on August 3, in the lawsuit over whether the Arizona initiative for a top-two open primary system violates the “Single Subject” rule for initiatives. Here is the Complaint.


  1. Larry Allred · · Reply

    The brief lists the many different things the initiative to change the constitution would do. A change this sweeping would necesarily address many subjects that are in varying degrees, independent of each other.

    The most offensive language in the initiative text is the stuff about leveling the playing field. It makes one think that maybe an additional step ought to be required of constitutional amendments in that maybe the rhetorical polemic stuff could be scrubbed out. The offense in the language of course members, voters and candidates of campaigns and parties beyond the two major parties will exist in a much worse environment, that’s not speculation but objective reality.

    If there’s a justice system in AZ, this proposed amendment needs to be yanked from the ballot with a decision that’ll make great reading.

  2. Jim Riley · · Reply

    #2 The plaintiff’s brief is deceptive. It counts as separate items the removal of the existing primary system and institution of the open primary as two separate items.

    Their argument is essentially that you would have to have one initiative that eliminates elections, then another that would institute them again.

  3. Demo Rep · · Reply

    The petition folks in CA have made it a political EVIL artform regarding the PROPAGANDA stuff on a petition — separate from any LEGAL text.

    See the CA top 2 primary propaganda stuff, for example.

    i.e. THIS reform is the best thing ever since the Garden of Eden. It will solve all problems on Mother Earth. Etc.

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