Independent Candidate for U.S. House in Indiana Disqualified Because He Submitted Photocopies of Petitions Instead of Originals

Mmoja Ajabu, a candidate for U.S. House in Indiana’s 7th district, is being kept off the November ballot because he turned in photocopies of his petitions instead of the originals. See this story. He plans to sue to overturn that decision.


  1. You go Mmoja! This is a bogus disqualification that is completely ridiculous.

  2. I remember a candidate in Maine had a similar problem and lost. He had to first have the petitions approved at the state BOE and then separate them for each local BOE by a certain date. To accomplish this on time he submitted copies to the local BOE by courier because the state BOE was tardy with their review. He still lost the case.

  3. TruFoe · · Reply

    In Rhode Island, petitions for president can be on photocopies of the original form, but they have to be photocopied on blue paper.

    Blue paper.

    Why don’t we just nominate and elect people with rock-paper-scissors throws?

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