Socialist Equality Party Likely to Place Presidential Nominee on Ballot in at Least One State

In February 2012, the Socialist Equality Party had announced its presidential and vice-presidential nominees, but had not said the ticket expected to qualify for the ballot in any state. In 2008 the Socialist Equality Party has also announced a ticket, but that ticket did not qualify for the ballot in any state.

However, this year, the party is petitioning to place its national ticket on the Wisconsin ballot. The nominees are Jerry White, 52, for President; and Phyllis Scherrer, 48, for Vice-President.

Assuming the White-Scherrer gets on the ballot in Wisconsin, and possibly other states, that will make at least four parties in 2012 with “Socialist” or “Socialism” in their name, which will have a presidential nominee on a ballot. The other such tickets in 2012 are those of the Socialist Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and the Socialist Workers Party. There is also a 2012 ticket for the Freedom Socialist Party, but that ticket is not expected to be on the ballot anywhere, unless possibly the Peace & Freedom Party nominates that ticket.


  1. Interesting stuff, wonder how $ociali$t leaning parties will do in November. (probably not that great)

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Donkeys = 100 percent socialist having socialism platforms nonstop since 1932 ??? Duh.

  3. Curt Boyd · · Reply

    Why on earth wouldn’t they combine their efforts, and get one Socialist nominee on more ballots?

  4. @3. John Sullivan, a Scottish socialist, wrote a humorous account of the UK far-left and its myriad distinctions. It’s about ten years old, and may make you even more confused, but it’s probably as good a response to your question as any.

    John Sullivan, “As Soon As This Pub Closes”

  5. @3 I’ve always wondered this myself. 😕

  6. give-me-liberty · · Reply

    @3 because they argue over petty little differences. Also, both the Socialist Party USA and Social Democrats USA claim to be the rightful successor to the Socialist Party of America.

  7. Tom Yager · · Reply

    For Colorado and Louisiana, all they need to do is to cough up the $500 filing fee.

  8. Tom Yager · · Reply

    Well, that ship has already sailed in Colorado. The deadline was June 4. Richard, did Rocky Anderson or any of the Socialist candidates get on the ballot in Colorado?

  9. Peter Moody · · Reply

    Both the SP and PSL are on on Colorado. I believe the SP is also on in Ohio, may be on in NJ, and has filed for official write-in status in Indiana. The PSL is also on in Vermont, Arkansas, and probably NJ.

  10. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #8, this year the Colorado legislature moved that deadline from June to August. It’s not too late.

    #9, the SWP is also on in Colorado.

  11. The Socialist Party USA is a democratic socialist party; while the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Socialist Equity Party, and the Socialist Workers Party are Trotskyite communist parties. I believe that that is also the case with the Freedom Socialist Party as well.
    The Social Democrats USA, the Democratic Socialists of America, and the Socialist Party USA are successor parties of the Socialist Party of America. Like the Socialist Party of America before them, these three parties do not cooperate with organizations that advocate any form of communism as a matter of policy.

    Gerard Davis
    A write-in candidate for the Green Party nomination for the Arizona State House of Representatives from the Twenty-Fourth Legislative District.

  12. One might also ask why the constitution, american independent, tea, america first, etc. parties don’t get their act together. The methodist, baptist, episcopal, unitarian, presbyterian, etc. sects have the same issue. The heavens forbid that their be diverse perspectives within a single organization.

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