Americans Elect, a Ballot-Qualified Party in Oregon, has Three Registered Members

The Oregon Secretary of State recently released a voter registration tally as of June 26. This is the first monthly tally to include Americans Elect, because the party wasn’t ballot-qualified until May. The new tally can be seen here. Americans Elect had three registered members as of the time of this tally: two in Lane County and one in Marion County.


  1. Dan Meek · · Reply

    The AE Party in Oregon filed bylaws that state that the party will never nominate any candidate for any office other than President and Vice-President of the U.S. What they filed was the national bylaws of AE, so AE is committed everywhere not to nominate any state or local candidates.

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    And yet there are two Americans Elect candidates for Congress in Arizona, both of whom will be on the November ballot.

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  4. Brad M · · Reply

    Looks like it could be an electoral tsunami in Oregon come 2016. Three people now…but who knows how many will be registered before 2016. Maybe double or even triple digits even.

  5. Laughable. Exactly why AE should work with the Green Party that has real grassroots, real membership, real candidates at local, state, and federal levels. AE brings bucks the Greens need.

  6. Jim Riley · · Reply

    #1 Doesn’t Oregon require that political party governance is by a party’s membership rather than some apparatchik in Moscow-on-the-Potomac?

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