Reform Party of Kansas Nominates Chuck Baldwin for President

According to the Kansas Secretary of State, in June 2012, the ballot-qualified Reform Party nominated Chuck Baldwin for President and Joseph Martin for Vice-President, and certified these candidates to the Secretary of State.

Chuck Baldwin was the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee in 2008. In 2010 he moved from Florida to Kila, Montana, where he is a pastor. He has a web page but it doesn’t indicate that he is running for President, or any office, in 2012. During 2011 he had said he would run as a Republican for Lieutenant Governor of Montana, but later he changed his mind and did not run for any office in the 2012 primary in Montana. It is not known if Baldwin wishes to run for President in 2012, or even if he has been informed of his nomination.

In 2008, the Reform Party of Kansas had nominated Baldwin for President. The Reform Party of Kansas nominated Ralph Nader in 2004.


  1. “It is not known if Baldwin wishes to run for President in 2012, or even if he has been informed of his nomination.”


  2. Do we know who Joseph Martin is?

  3. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Does anyoneknow who the Reform Party of Mississippi is nominating for President?

  4. It seems that Joseph Martin was a Ron Paul activist who worked within the Kansas Reform party in 2008 to put Chuck Baldwin on the ballot there. He has since moved to North Carolina, where he appears to have joined the newly formed Christian Party of North Carolina, and has maintained his connection with the Kansas Reform Party.

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  5. Michael · · Reply

    Baldwin? It’s either four years late or a stunt of some kind.

  6. bruuno · · Reply

    #3- I believe they (MS Reform Party) are still affiliated with the national Reform Party and will run whoever they nominate in August.

  7. […] reported on Ballot Access News, the Reform Party of Kansas has nominated pastor Chuck Baldwin for president. The party, which is […]

  8. Emmett Eaton · · Reply

    The Mississippi Reform Party is not in harmony with the Reform Party of the US.
    I would guess that the Mississippi Reform Party would nominate Jack Fellure, who is co-nominated by the historic Prohibition Party

  9. bruuno · · Reply

    #8- I just checked both the national and MS Party websites and they seem to be still affiliated. Has something happened to change that recently?

  10. Bruuno,

    The RPMS is still affiliated and in good standing with the RPUSA. Shawn O’Hara and his gang of thugs still pretend they control the party–they don;’t.

  11. The RPKS has been a mouthpiece for Christian fundamentalists here in Kansas for at least the past 10 years (with the exception to Nader). Their ballot position will be lost this election unless they can pull a miracle.

    With Kansas and MS both out of line with the National party, I think it is safe to say that the RP as a national third party is dead.

  12. Mississippi is still in the national Reform Party. Bobby Kearan is currently their chairman. Kansas has always done their own thing–why they did this is mind boggling, though.

  13. John Killian · · Reply

    Am I wrong? Doesn’t the Shawn O’Hara faction control the ballot line for the Reform Party in Mississippi?

  14. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    I believe John Killian is correct about Shawn O’Hara. Where does Dennis (#13) get his facts?

  15. John Killian · · Reply

    I think there is a faction in MS tied to the national Reform Party, but the ballot position is held by the Shawn O’Hara faction. Remember the court case in 2011, which gave the O”Hara faction the ballot position as the official Reform Party of Mississippi.
    Shawn is a minister and a social conservative. I predict that they would include Jack Fellure as part of a fusion ticket. I agree with Emmett in post 8. This makes more sense than any other possibility.

  16. Where do I get my facts? I am an RPUSA National Committeeman.

    Also, because the RPMS is still officially affiliated with the RPUSA, they can’t run anyone different.

  17. An Alabama Independent · · Reply


    “I am an RPUSA National Committeeman.”

    You might be the RPUSA National Committeeman -either self-appointed or picked by national RPUSA officials – but unless I am mistaken, the Mississippi Secretary of State still recognizes the Shawn O’Hara faction as the official state executive committee of the Reform Party and are the ones who file candidates for public office and place on the Mississippi General Election Ballot – just as they were the ones who filed the slate of candidates who appeared on the Mississippi General Election ballot in the 2011 state elections. What say you about that?

    According to the website, for the 2012 elections Shawn O’Hara is the Reform Party nominee for U.S. Senator, Chris Potts is the Reform Party nominee for Congress from the 1st District, Lejena Williams is the Reform Party nominee for Congress from the 2nd District. John “Luke” Pannell is the Reform Party nominee for Congress from the 3rd District, and Bob Claunch is the Reform Party nominee for Congress from the 4th District. Again, Dennis, what say you about this?

  18. I was elected as a National Committee member, thank you very much.

    And yes, O’Hara’s faction is recognized, but you never addressed what I said before: because they are still affiliated with the RPUSA, they will have to run whatever candidate receives the party’s nomination. They can’t just choose someone else unless they formally disaffiliate, which they never will because they are too heavily indebted in the Blare vs. Collison fight.

  19. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Dennis: You have not informed us “where and by whom” you were elected a National Committee member. But if you insist, I will give you the benefit of the doubt regarding this.

    However, you are wrong in stating that the Mississippi Reform Party HAS to nominate whomever is nominated at the RPUSA National Convention. Ever heard of “state’s rights?” No state party – especially a 3rd party – is required to nominate the national ticket of the party it is nationally affliated with if it doesn’t want to. The state party has the option of nominating whomever it wishes. I believe Richard Winger will back me up on this. Have you not heard that the Reform Party of Kansas nominated Chuck Baldwin for President just recently? Is the RPUSA going to go to court and make them drop Baldwin and nominate whomever the RPUSA nominates?

    A little history to back this up. In 1948 presidential election, the Democratic party organizations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina placed Strom Thurmond on their respective state ballots rather than Harry Truman. In 1964, the Democratic Party in Alabama nominated an “unpledged” elector slate for President rather than Lyndon Johnson. Again, in 1968, the Democratic Party in Alabama had George Wallace as its nominee rather than Hubert Humphrey. In 2008 the AIP of California which had been affliated with the Constitution Party, instead nominated Allan Keyes for President and his name was on the California ballot rather than Chuck Baldwin.

    Again, the Mississippi Reform Party is free to nominate for the Mississippi ballot any presidential candidate they desire. I suppose a federal judge could order them to do otherwise, but I wouldn’t hold my breath with that happening either.

  20. Do you happen to have any direct connection to Shawn O’Hara?

  21. And also, how familiar are you with the Blare vs. Collison feud?

  22. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Dennis: I do not have any direct connection with Shawn O’Hara. I have not heard of the Blare vs. Collison feud. Please enlighten me.

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