U.S. News and World Report Story Says Janet Brown, Director of the Commission on Presidential Debates, is Very Aware of Gary Johnson Fight for Inclusion in Debates

This U.S. News & World Report story says that Janet Brown, veteran director of the Commission on Presidential Debates, is very aware of the campaign to get Gary Johnson included in the presidential debates. The headline of the US News & World Report story is misleading. The real substance is that reporters now know that the Commission is aware of unhappiness with the process, which not only requires that Johnson receive 15% in public opinion polls, but that most polls don’t even include him.


  1. Brad M · · Reply

    Maybe a better name for the CPD is the Bipartisan Republican and Democratic Commission on Presidential Debates.

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    CPD = Complete Party Dupes/Doofuss/Dumbo

    Are the CPD MORONS aware that they are part of the EVIL ANTI-Democracy gerrymander systems in the U.S.A. regime –
    H. Reps, Senate, Electoral College ???


  4. George Whitfield · · Reply

    The debates will certainly be more interesting and informative as well as more watched if Gary Johnson is included.

  5. give-me-liberty · · Reply

    Contact information for Janet Brown, executive director of the Commission for Presidential Debates:

    (202) 872-1020

  6. I hope that she is equally aware of Jill Steins fight for inclusion in the debates. More importantly i hope that CPD sponsors, partners and broadcast network hosts are aware of the public’s expectation of fair, inclusive debates.

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