Michigan Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Case Over Font Size of Print on Referendum Petitions

On July 25, the Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments in the case over whether a particular statewide referendum petition is valid. The state Canvassing Board had invalidated the petition on the grounds that the law requires 14 point type and the petition was printed in 12 point type. The State Court of Appeals had then reversed and had said the petition is valid. Here is an article about the State Supreme Court hearing.


  1. This petition should be ruled valid for no reason other than the law invalidating it is pointless and petty.

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Any 100 percent sure definition of a *point* in printing ???

    Capital letters.
    Below line letters.
    Script letters.
    Were the 1776 DOI and the 1787 Constitution in the correct font print sizes ???
    Answer – NO — both were handwritten.
    Zillions of later print copies in all sorts of font sizes.

  3. If ants could talk they would make fun of us for doing less with our gigantic brains to organize ourselves and live with one another than they do with next to nothing.

  4. TruFoe · · Reply

    Bees, too.

    Jesus, we’re a pathetic species.

  5. Demo Rep · · Reply

    #3 #4

    The Queen ant/bee wants CONTROL [i.e. the EVIL gerrymander MONSTERS] — not any of those rebel pro-Democracy ants/bees disturbing the established order.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  6. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Obvious add on — Who recalls the Borg in Star Trek ???

    What did it take to defeat the EVIL mindless robotic Borg things ???

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