Oklahoma Holds Lottery to Determine Order of Parties on Ballot, Without Waiting to See if Court Puts Libertarian Party on Ballot

On July 26, the Oklahoma Elections Board held its regular lottery to determine the order of parties on the November ballot. See this story. Democrats will appear first, followed by Republicans and then Americans Elect. However, it is still possible the Libertarian Party will be added to the ballot. Currently, all sides are waiting for the U.S. District Court Judge to decide whether to let the Libertarian Party amend its complaint to add a specific point that requiring a newly-qualifying party to nominate by primary violates the U.S. Constitution, if the timing of that primary is such that the deadline must be as early as March 1.


  1. I guess this is one of those business as usual situations since the Libertarian party was not able to get an injunction against the state. I certainly hope that the Libertarian Party wins its challenge.

  2. Oklahoma is by far the worst state when it comes to representing any notion of a democratic process.

  3. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Public nominations and public elections = PUBLIC control by PUBLIC LAWS.

    Way too difficult for the MORONS in the courts to understand.

    Sorry – some faction of 1 or more Electors in ANY State is NOT an independent empire from Star Wars.

  4. Why don’t the Libertarian Party just take over America’s Elect and secure ballot access in the future?

  5. Demo Rep · · Reply

    # 5 Too many utopian NO government anarchists in the LP to try to do any stuff OUTSIDE of the utopian group ???

    A nonstop failure to detect the control freak EVIL in the TOP Donkeys and Elephant OLIGARCHY — worse and worse since 1929.

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