Associated Press Article Says Obama Campaign Monitoring Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode

This Associated Press article says that the Obama campaign is monitoring news about Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode, but gives no source for that information. UPDATE: here is a much longer and more comprehensive version of the AP story.


  1. Goode and Johnson will also draw from Obama as Johnson is socially liberal and Goode use to be a democrat is is mainly known as a democrat in his home state where he was a democrat state senator for 30 something years and served terms in congress as a democrat. Goode also ran for US Senate as a Democrat. Maybe Obama thinking it will help him will try to get Goode and Johnson in the debates?

  2. If Obama really cared he’d say no to the debates unless Johnson were included. On another note I imagine getting rid of the taxpayer convention funding for the two parties ended up on the cutting room floor when they passed the highway bill.

  3. Demo Rep · · Reply

    How many Obama TRILLIONS for Johnson/Goode ??? to —

    DIVIDE AND CONQUER — 1860-1912-1992-2000

    DAC keeps on working — to produce nonstop econ and/or war MONSTERS in the White House – esp. since 1964 — due to the EVIL indirect minority rule math of the EVIL Electoral College.
    Save Democracy
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.

  4. #1 Goode is known as a Republican
    #2 Obama would be very smart to avoid the CPD debates unless they included Johnson. IMO Romney needs the debates to make up ground on Obama. But, of course, Obama would be a pussy if he didn’t debate Romney. Like Gov Perry was a pussy down here in Texas when he refused to debate Bill White in 2010. We all painfully know about Perry’s debating abilities. It would be great if the CPD didn’t get Obama in the debates and the CPD essentially lost out. All that lobbyist money paid to the CPD to “sponsor” the debates.

  5. #4 In his state of Virginia he is also known as a democrat. His dad was a democrat as well. For many decades the Goode name was known with democrats. Nationally he is known as a republican because that was the last thing he served in congress as .

  6. 2 –

    Suppose I live in Vermont. I might watch the daily weather reports on Tuesday and make note of what’s happening in Washington, but I’m only going to decide what to wear today based on the weather report for Vermont.

    Obama and Romney will react to what’s relevant to their chances to winning the election. Neither Goode nor Johnson fit into that category.

    4 –

    If Romney needs the debates to make up ground on Obama (and I believe you’re right) this one is over already. The only q

  7. 4 –

    If Romney needs the debates to make up ground on Obama (and I believe you’re right) this one is over already. The only question is how many rounds he wants to hold up the MittWit and how gently he wants to put him down onto the canvass.

  8. If there were any common sense around here, the 3 debates could satisfy the needs of the public in the following way:

    First debate: include all candidates on enough state ballots to hypothetically win an Electoral College majority

    Second debate: include all candidates that gather at least 5% of the national vote in 3 or more national polls

    Third debate: include all candidates that gather at least 15% of the national vote in 5 or more national polls

    While I’m a strict protector of having all 3 debates with all candidates on, I’d like this proposal. First of all, in order to win, you need an Electoral College majority. Second of all, the 5% threshold applies to the FEC rules when allocating federal monies to all candidates.

  9. bolshevik-leninist · · Reply

    Virgil Goode is known as a conservative. Even when he was a Democrat, he was a conservative. Any Democrat who would even think of voting for Goode is a Dixiecrat who would vote for Romney before they voted for Obama.

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