Monthly Archives: August 2012

California Legislature Passes Bill Making it Illegal to Pay Registration Drive Workers on a Per-Registration Card Basis

On August 30, the California legislature passed AB 145, which makes it illegal for voter registration groups to pay workers on a per-registration card basis, “directly or indirectly.” The bill now goes to Governor Jerry Brown, who vetoed a similar bill last year. There are even more reasons for Governor Brown to veto the bill […]

Virginia State Board of Elections Says Libertarian Presidential Petition Has Enough Valid Signatures, but Virginia Republican Party Disputes That

On August 22, the Virginia State Board of Elections notified the Libertarian Party of Virginia in an e-mail that the party has enough valid signatures, statewide and in each district. Furthermore, two days later, the Libertarians turned in even more signatures. However, on August 31, an attorney representing the Republican Party of Virginia notified the […]

Ninth Circuit Will Hear "None of These Candidates" on September 14

On August 30, the Ninth Circuit set a hearing for 9 a.m., September 14, to hear Townley v Miller, 12-16881. This is the lawsuit over whether the Nevada version of “None of the Above” (specifically, “None of These Candidates”) should be on the November 2012 ballot. September 20 is the date on which states must […]

Green Party Produces TV Ad for Jill Stein, Announces it Will be Aired in Oregon and Certain Other States

See this story, which describes the first 2012 Jill Stein presidential ads made for television.

Al Gore Endorses National Popular Vote Plan

See this story, which reports that Al Gore now supports the National Popular Vote Plan bill. The article quotes Gore as saying that even after the 2000 presidential election was decided, he still supported the existing system. But, having thought about it and noticed that voters in most states feel their vote doesn’t really help […]

Lawsuit Filed to Remove Medical Marijuana Initiative from Arkansas Ballot

On August 31, a lawsuit was filed in the Arkansas Supreme Court to remove the medical marijuana initiative from the November ballot. See this story. The lawsuit does not maintain that the initiative did not have enough signatures. Instead, it says if the voters passed the measure, that would violate federal law.

Iowa State Court Judge Will Rule on Libertarian Party Ballot Status on Tuesday, September 4

See this newspaper story for a brief account of the August 31 hearing on whether the Libertarian Party should remain on the ballot for President in Iowa. The judge said he will rule on Tuesday, September 4. Thanks to Brian Moore for the link.