Seven Minor Party Presidential Nominees on New Jersey Ballot, as Well as Independent Candidate Jeff Boss

Minor party presidential candidates who qualified for the New Jersey ballot are the nominees of the American Third Position, Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Justice, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and Socialist Workers parties. Besides those seven, an independent candidate, Jeff Boss, qualified. His ballot label is “NSA DID 911”. His vice-presidential candidate is Bob Pasternak.

The Socialist Party petition for president did not succeed. However, the Socialist Party had earlier this year qualified a candidate for U.S. Senate in New Jersey, Greg Pason.


  1. 800 valid signatures renders this.

    More signatures should be required. Make it 2,000.

    These are not credible candidates.

  2. The truth is this. In the U.S. we have only 3 additional national parties. Green Party, Libertarian, and far behind Constitution.

  3. The other four that made the ballot in New Jersey are chaos.

  4. Wow, you are pretty arrogant.

  5. Darcy G Richardson · · Reply

    @ Green Party Voter

    Wow. Talk about elitism.

    The fact is that the tiny Socialist Workers Party (SWP), embarking on its seventeenth straight presidential campaign, submitted more raw signatures — 1,885 in all — than were submitted by the Green, Libertarian and Constitution parties while the small yet spirited PSL obtained 1,562 signatures for its presidential nominee, compared to only 1,271 for the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson and 1,175 for Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode.

    You can call it chaos, others call it choice.

  6. As a registered Green, it really angers me to see fellow “Greens’ asking for increased restrictions to the ballot, and disparaging so-called “chaos” parties.

    This, and what happened in Illinois, are NOT what the Green Party is about. We should focus our limited resources on getting folks to vote for us. This does not accomplish that, in my opinion.

  7. I’m a Green. I don’t care if there’s a hundred candidates on the ballot. I still hope the Greens get all the votes though.

    I’d kind of like to see the Socialist Party USA have a little bit more success than its been having lately getting on the ballot.

  8. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    As a resident in New Jersey, its typical to see a relatively large number of candidates on the ballot for national and statewide office. For example in the 2009 Gubernatorial race in New Jersey, 12 candidates were on the ballot. It should be noted that the only parties recognized in new jersey are the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Conservative, Natural Law Party, Reform, Constitution, and Green parties. All minor party candidates are listed as independents with their party names as their campaign slogans. The minor parties have control over who can use their party slogan label, and candidates that do not receive permission to use the party name as their slogan are listed without a slogan. Only Major party candidates are actually listed on the ballot as candidates from a particular political party All other candidates (independents and unrecognized minor parties) can list any slogan not in use by a recognized party. If any non major party slogan used in a state general assembly election receives a total of 10% or greater of the sum of all general assembly elections in a year, that slogan automatically becomes the name of a newly formed major political party.

  9. upstartgreen · · Reply

    Last I looked in this country you can affiliate with any party. Just because someone affiliated with a party states their personal beliefs it does not mean it is reflective of the Party as a whole or even a tiny portion of the Party. I would venture that over 90% of Greens are opposed to ballot restrictions. Don’t judge all elephants by the occassional rogue elephant.

  10. As a candidate of the Arizona Green Party, which to a large extent owes it ballot access to the kindness of strangers, I beg to differ with any one who would consider the views of a political party with which they disagree as chaos.
    One person’s principled alternative political party is another person’s chaos. Although I have been registered as a Green for the past four years, I have vote for very few Green candidates. I have registered Green and signed petitions for the Green Party to make sure that the Green Party is on the ballot as a progressive alternative to the Democrats. Much to the chagrin of my largely Democratic family, who think that the Greens are chaos, I’m voting Green this year.

  11. Out of morbid curiosity how many states is A3P on now?

  12. To the people who deride ‘chaos’ parties: Get smart!

  13. Glad to see that the American Third Position party made it to the New Jersey ballot, but sad that the American Missionary Position party continues its decline.

  14. Illinois Socialist · · Reply

    Thanks “Green Party Voter”. I thought the only GP ass clowns were in Illinois. Nice to see they are also present in New Jersey. Makes it a lot easier to write-in “Socialist Party USA” than vote Stein.

  15. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    Jeff Boss actually submitted a petition to run for senate as well, and the state has asked him to withdraw one of the petitions since its illegal to run for two offices in new jersey. He is a perennial candidate, and regularly runs for various state level offices in the democratic primaries.

  16. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #11, American Third Position is on in Colorado, Tennessee, New Jersey, and hopes to be on in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

  17. @14. The commenter using the name “Green Party Voter” usually links to the Independent Green Party of Virginia, which is unaffiliated with the national Green Party of the US and the Green Party of Virginia. So, not representative of anything.

  18. Rank futility. Serious people should try to get PR (with a low threshold)implemented in some State or locality in the US.

  19. The knuckleheads who engage in these meaningless Monty Python campaigns need to get PR(low a threshold as feasible)established as a election method at the local and state level. Remember, the twin parties of war, bailouts for the rich and general thievery do not have widespread popular support.

  20. Gary Odom · · Reply

    Re: #5 Well said, Darcy!

  21. The Socialist Party is focusing on the US Senate campaign with a full time candidate addressing the same issues. We had last minute issues with collecting all the presidential petition and elector forms that were floating around, primarily because of work around our national organizing conference (same time as the deadline), but we do have a state-wide candidate in Greg Pason (myself) for US Senate as well as a school board candidate on the ballot this election. Pat is running as the sole opposition in this election and I will be the only socialist candidate on the US Senate ballot. Our focus is primarily educational and Party building and we will actively be doing both this election.

  22. @#11 The placement of the A3P on the NJ ballot is a healthy sign of democracy inspite of your arrogance and unhealthy mental self-diagnosis.

    Merlin Miller is the A3P presidential nominee. Success to all the third party nominees this November.

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