Libertarians Are Only Group to File a Statewide Petition in West Virginia

The West Virginia filing deadline for newly-qualifying parties and independent candidates has passed. The only group that submitted a statewide petition was the Libertarian Party, which submitted 10,246 signatures. The legal requirement is 7,135 for President and a slightly lesser number for Governor.

The Green Party is already on the ballot in West Virginia.


  1. Well I am sad that the American Third Position did not get on the ballot in WV because that is who I was going to vote for. I guess I will vote for Gary Johnson then.
    By the way; in WV the greens in the non-presidential elections are know as the “Mountain Party”; just a little useless sideline fact.

  2. Trent Hill · · Reply

    So the CP won’t be on in WV? Seems like they arent doing too well with ballot access.

  3. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    I have to agree with Trent. Perhaps Rep. Goode didn’t realize that one has to appear on ballots to actually run for president. If the AIP doesn’t come through he is in a lot of trouble.

  4. We can still write-in virgil goode in west virginia

  5. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    As you can in North Carolina. But did Rep. Goode really plan on running a write-in campaign?

  6. This is terrible. West Virginia was a state that Virgil Goode could have won a large amount of votes in. The disgruntled conservative Democrats that gave a Texas inmate 40% of the vote against Obama in the Democratic primary would have been very likely to vote for Goode. I have no idea how the Goode campaign would have overlooked this.

  7. Craig M. · · Reply

    The CP needs to have 1,000 dedicated members in every state in order to have a substantial effect on American history. The members would be able to secure ballot access in 46 states, with the four most difficult still providing quite an obstacle…..

  8. Jeff Becker · · Reply

    Craig has it right. A few dedicated people burning themselves out on ballot access every four years does not make a strong party. We are instead focusing on building our county organizations in West Virginia. By the end of the year, we expect to have fully functioning executive committees in six of the fifty-five counties here in the Mountain State. And, we are already petitioning for 2014 with plans to begin 2016 petitioning immediately following the election in November.

  9. Common Tater · · Reply

    The disgruntled conservative Democrats that gave a Texas inmate 40% of the vote against Obama in the Democratic primary would have been very likely to vote for Goode.

    Having just completed petitioning in WV for LP and independent Randall Terry (who did also file – how did the article above miss this?), the sentiment I heard from those folks is that they will hold their nose and vote for Willard “the rat” Romney in November to get the BO out of the “white” house, so not only would they not vote for Goode…despite being far more aligned with his views than Willard’s…they would in many cases not even allow him to be on the ballot at all.

  10. Jeff Becker · · Reply

    Common, How many signatures did Randall Terry submit? The title here may be correct in that the Libertarians were the only “group” to turn in signatures since Mr. Terry is not a group.

  11. Darcy G Richardson · · Reply

    Randall Terry, who is running as an independent, turned in more than 13,000 signatures and paid his $2,500 filing fee on August 1.

  12. How many states is Randall Terry on the ballot in?

  13. Darcy G Richardson · · Reply

    I’m not really sure, but he’s already filed in Colorado and West Virginia and claims to be petitioning in Kentucky and Nebraska.

  14. goode is already on the ballot in 20 states plus write-in in 3 more he can still win if we all suport him. he has the best chance of winning for a third party. i’ve seen more media on goode then on anybody else.

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