Michigan Libertarian Party Files Brief in Ballot Access Case

On August 2, the Michigan Libertarian Party filed its brief in the federal lawsuit, challenging the Secretary of State’s decision that Gary Johnson’s name cannot be on the November ballot because his name also appeared on the Republican presidential primary ballot in February. Here is the brief. The case is Libertarian Party of Michigan v Johnson, eastern district, 2:12-cv-12782.


  1. Kevin Davis · · Reply

    Gary Johnson deserves to be on the ballot in Michigan.

  2. Eric Blitz · · Reply

    Compelling argument. It will be interesting to see Michigan’s response both for the state interest they might assert, but also the extent to which they contest strict scrutiny.

  3. Very compelling argument. Michigan will have to account as to the difference between the ’80 campaign when they added Anderson and now in not adding Johnson.

  4. Demo Rep · · Reply

    How many super-computers at BAN are needed to keep up to date with ALL of the UNEQUAL ballot access laws and court cases ???

    Do DEADLINES mean something or NOT ??? Stay tuned.

    Anybody see *scrutiny* in the Constitution ??? — i.e. one more JUNK word used in MORON SCOTUS opinions to justify their MORON atom splitting JUNK opinions on all sorts of subjects — in addition to election law cases.

    WHY is the EQUAL in the 14th Amdt Sec. 1 SOOOOOO very hard for ALL 9 MORONS on SCOTUS to understand for ballot access ???

    Each election is NEW and has ZERO to do with ANY prior event since the alleged Big Bang – except the number of actual voters in the election area involved in the prior election.

  5. Mark Brown · · Reply

    Fine job, Gary S.

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