Roseanne Barr Wins Peace & Freedom Party Nomination

Roseanne Barr has won the presidential nomination of the Peace & Freedom Party. Cindy Sheehan is the vice-presidential nominee. On the first presidential ballot, the vote was: Barr 29, Stephen Durham 18, Stewart Alexander 12, abstain 4. Peta Lindsay had withdrawn before the vote and had endorsed Barr.

Because the first ballot did not produce a majority winner, a second vote was taken. That ballot was: Barr 37, Durham 16, Alexander 6, abstain 5.

For vice-president, Cindy Sheehan received 50 votes, and there were 14 abstentions.

Activity is being undertaken in Florida to qualify the Peace & Freedom Party for the ballot, and if that succeeds, the Barr-Sheehan ticket will also appear in Florida. Thanks to Dave Kadlecek for this news.


  1. Oh My God….

    Nader 2008 to this!?

  2. Was hoping Alexander would pull it off but they chose celebrity instead. Anyone know what the Alaskan Independence Party is doing regarding the presidential line?

  3. I would have votes for Alexander, Anderson, or Lindsay. I’m not quite sure which one.

    She needed a majority vote, right?

  4. Lindsay is a Maoist and openly mourned the death of Kim Jong Il. Too radical for the PFP.

  5. GreenGenes · · Reply

    #4 bruuno P&F is in a nominal Alliance with Freedom Socialist and Party of Socialism and Liberation.

    Alternately Anderson could have facilitated an alliance with the few other Justice Party and affiliated states he’s on.

    Barr gives them what may be a one state candidacy. Given the media coverage I’m not seeing, it seems there’s little interest in that.

    Given that I don’t know of any enrollment influence into the Green Party during her primary run, I don’t see Barr automatically making it easier to enroll people in Peace & Freedom. They need to get 40,000 or so enrollees to keep their ballot line.

  6. I think there are too many ego trips in third party politics. I honestly think all these minor socialist parties should put aside their petty differences and form one party.


    They should support the Green Party.

    I think an individual who is a member of the Peace and Freedom Party and who cannot support the Socialist Workers Party, or the Socialist Party USA, or the Justice Party is an individual who will not be able to function as President.

    This country should have:

    Democratic Party
    Constitution Party
    Green Party
    Libertarian Party
    Reform Party
    Socialist Party

    as the parties for PRESIDENTIAL elections (local politics is different).

    In a world where we have so much information available to us I just don’t see factional fighting as a productive thing for marginalized people.

  7. […] reported on Ballot Access News, the socialist Peace & Freedom Party has nominated comedienne Roseanne Barr for president and […]

  8. GreenGenes · · Reply

    Apparently Peta Lindsay posts on Facebook that she too bowed out, this at the P&F convention, preventing the delegates from voting for her so they’d vote for Barr.

    I’m beginning to think it’s a bit odd that both Rocky and Peta bow out like that.

  9. […] an effort underway to qualify this ticket for the ballot in Florida. Thanks to Ballot Access News for the information. […]

  10. upstartgreen · · Reply

    According to Ballot Access News petition Chart. Barr would need 112, 174 valid sigs in Florida by Sept 1. Does the P+f have the $200,000 such an effort would cost? Will Barr spend her own money to do it?

  11. I’m sure Barr will excel with the P&F nomination. I have attended their conventions, and they’re deeply rooted with Hollywood union workers.

    Tired of chasing you own tail? Try pure proportional representation (PR) where 1/1001ths (.999%) plus one vote elects each of the 1000 MPs with a guaranteed voter satisfaction level of 99.9% plus 1000 votes.

    Coming on August 6th, 2012 – the 9th USA Parliament

    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Volunteer Vote Counter
    (415) 686-1996

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

  12. Tom Yager · · Reply

    #7 The party mechanism is very easy for Presidential ballot access in Florida. A party just needs to be organized. The candidate mechanism requires 112,174 valid signatures and the deadline was July 15.

  13. as this is ballot access news how many people are likely to get a chance to actually see roseannes name on the ballot paper i wouldnt have thought very many. immediate observations are that rosseanne is an egotist who obviously cannot work with other people. she did after all say that she was just trying to draw attention to the green party and knew she wouldnt win the nomination, then she said she wanted more young people in the party so maybe she is a quitter with no patience. upshot is for the third election in a row there will be two presidential candidates who are green and left and thats a more real example of vote splitting than taking votes off the democrats.

  14. upstartgreen · · Reply

    Obviously Roseanne’s show: “Roseanne’s Nuts” is Art imitating Reality.

  15. The P&F party continues its long march to complete political irrelevance…sigh. The media isn’t giving the coverage of a celebrity candidate that they want.

  16. #9, that figure refers to independent presidential candidate ballot access, not newly-qualifying party ballot access. Parties don’t need any petition.

  17. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    There are a handful of other states in which they could qualify and a handful of single state parties they could get to endorse them. But time is running out fast for both options. For example Colorado requires only some paperwork and $500, but the deadline is in three days. Louisiana should be a shoe in, so long as they have the $500 to pay the state. For petitioning Rhode Island, Alabama, Hawaii, North Dakota, Mississippi, and Kentucky are all feasible states if they are willing to get in gear immediately and spend a large sum of money petitioning.

  18. I would like to wish Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan the best of luck. While I hate to see the progressive vote in California split, I am not of the belief that one candidate takes votes that some how “belong” to another candidate. Every voter makes the choice to vote for the candidate for whom they vote for their own reasons. Whether a progressive in California choices to vote for Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, or Barack Obama is their own personal choice. I believe that the voter’s choice is always right, whether anyone else agrees with it or not.

  19. Oh, one more thing. While I don’t know whether Roseanne Barr is an egoist or not, I know that it requires a bit of an ego to place your name on the ballot and say to voters: I’m running for president. Please vote for me.

    I ran in the Arizona Green Presidential Preference Election this past February. I received 18 votes and came in dead last. Rather than feeling humiliated, I was humbled by the fact that 16 total stranger voted for me. That’s what keeps me going.

  20. Michael · · Reply

    The Alaska IP has supported the Constitution Party candidate in the past. I’m giving Roseanne 15 states at most, however they would include Calif, NY (IP), Mich (NLP), and Florida. She could do better than the Green Party in getting some protest votes because she, as one of my professors would say, “would toss a few peppers in the gumbo”.

  21. John Taylor · · Reply

    I like Barr. I’ll vote for her as a protest vote.

  22. Like others said I think she should try for Colorado and Louisiana with fairly easy ballot access laws. I can’t see her getting on the ballot in more than 5 states. California and Florida might be about it but maybe she’ll be able to get some people out in certain states or maybe some other local third parties will give her a ballot line such as the Natural Law Party in Michigan since I believe they’re still on the ballot out in Michigan. This might be her best bet is to try and use her celebrity to perhaps get other parties to nominate her in certain states. The Delaware Independent party has ballot access and didn’t nominate anyone. If it’s not to late maybe she could ask them for there spot. It won’t be many votes but at least she would be on. Should be interesting to follow her candidacy.

  23. I’m bothered by this because this move serves no purpose. I don’t believe the Peace and Freedom Party are serving the socialist message well here. This candidacy will get some main stream attention in the way of sensational blurbs here and there, and in the form of jokes. The fact that Ms. Barr first didn’t have a party, and then campaigned as a Green, and now has been nominated by the P&FP shows that she really doesn’t have a belief system that meshes well with any of these parties. She really should have been rejected here. I’m disappointed in Anderson and Lindsay for their silence on this issue. I can understand the feeling in Socialists that The Green Party doesn’t advocate their message forcefully enough. The Greens are not socialists. They’re interested in a message of organic sustainable politics that looks for solutions without being dedicated to any particular economic ism. Socialists use economic theory to address social issue. The two camps want lots of the same things but would go about getting them through different means. I’m a Green because I’m sick of how the sun could be burning our eyeballs out of our heads and the Republicans would still be screaming about how global warming isn’t real. Rocky Anderson should join the Green Party. The socialists need to band together among themselves and form one unified party. What does it say that Ms. Lindsay has endorsed Ms. Barr? What does it say that there will be several states this year with competing Socialist parties? I wonder how familiar Ms. Barr is in the history of the various Socialist parties in the nation, and the divisions amongst them? I’m not, but I’m not running for president. I just think this will prove to be a horrible misstep.

  24. I know this is a long shot as well but maybe Americans Elect could give her the nearly 30 states they’re on the ballot in. I don’t think they’d do that though as they don’t plan to nominate anyone and at the same time don’t want to be seen as leaning left or right and with picking Barr it obviously leans left

  25. The media is following this. It is trending on CNN. The greens made a big mistake.

  26. #25 It’s early.

  27. Tom Yager · · Reply

    #25 The media gave Jill Stein plenty of attention after she won the Green nomination.

  28. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    @27, not from what I have seen. The only television news station that made any mention of Stein was CSPAN. All of the other stations were verbally silent (there might have been a blurb scrolling on the bottom of the screen of CNN or FOX news about Stein). The media loves reporting on celebrities, so Barr will get more attention.

  29. It IS trending according to CNN Political Research Director Robert Yoon:

    “TRENDING: America one step closer to President Roseanne”

    The Green Party made another terrible mistake. Mark my words.

  30. Bill Eisen · · Reply

    As a member of the Justice Party I was sorry to see Rocky Anderson drop out of contention for the P&F nomination inasmuch as Rocky had won the P&F primary by a wide margin.

    But I’m happy to see Roseanne and Sheehan on the P&F ticket which should give the party more visibility and boost their voter registration drive to keep the party on the ballot in California.

  31. The 629 Elected Members of Parliament (MPs)

    Roseannearchist Party – 128 MPs
    Mark of Halloween, Lady Jane Green, Dashus Christ, Johnny Argent, Shannon Cox [RoseanneArchist], PJ, Tippy Canoe, Kelly Ann Pritchard, Joel West, Sheryl Carter, Vickie Chrisawn, fr33sp33ch, Ashley Hair, Jill Zarin Advices, Dawn Varga, Patricia Dillard, S Newton, Debs Keeler, Greenspaceguy, Michael Fishman, Jake Pentland, Holland Taylor, Jenny Pentland, Blogett Bird, Kell Bell, Sarah Jesss, Candis Frye, Dylan Brody, Suzanne Simnick, Peter Howard, Jonathan Jones, Darren Staley, Crobama, The Rooster, Adonica Williams, Jenni Spin, Christopher Gotti, Barry Boom, Josh Adams, Louis Peitzman, Nanette, Katie Anderson, Piper Page, Berent Lawton, Karen Misses, Jesse Smith, Acmeoslib, LEGION TROLL, Kelly Carlin, Adam Cavalli, Angela Field, Dr. Detonator, Saif Quadri, Barrels Of Oranges, Jonathan D. Lovitz, Private Green, Gabe Alfassy, Sevenlayercake, Di, Jay Kelly, Jason M. Phelan, , Shannon Flynn, Brandon Michael, Mary Rewis, Kiwi Jae, TERRY, Laura Cavallier, Martha Plimpton, Fifi LeRuef, Bonnie Tierney, Laurie Irvin, FusionRocks, Elizabeth Brossa, John Price, Brian Harrell, Anne Beckett, Justin G, Robin Armstrong, Bradley Moreland, Lisa Sahani, R. Newell DeWitt, Scott Draper, Mahatma Kane Jeeves, Mike Frizz, Sweetred Archer, Magdalena Zurawski, Star Star, Big Joe Hawley, Prop 215 Patient, Jeff Ostach, Devyn Johnson, Patrick Driscoll, Beth, Tim Tapp, Big John, Horace Boothroyd III, Diane Hines, Regina, Savanna Knight, Tami Craig Davis, Dawn, Julie Orton, Susan, Michael King, Gregory Green, William Howard, Hugo Arenas, Charlie Bertini, M. Vaughn, Prince Joseph, Deeanna, Rebekah, Drug Sniffing Cat, Kevin Demarest, Patricia Harvey, Julia A. DiCamillo, Katherine Farah, Somali Rose, Parker Car [Roseanne], Peter Calweeko [Roseanne Barr for President], Sandy Montauk [Roseanne and Johnny], Hugo York the man [Roseanne], Jasper Yentil, Michael Gornes, Carla Vox, War on War, Ethan Moore [Roseanne]

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    Free Parliamentary – 17 MPs
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    Socialist Party – 10 MPs
    Kara Lambert, Tanya Green, Becky Donner, Jenny Platak, Joshua Steinman, Mike Cobb, Michael Hornzela, Justin Kahm, Lisa Pelletier, Justine Kuemerle

    Pot Party – 9 MPs
    Brandon Garcia, Scott Comings, Nate Brown, Myra Fourwinds, Robert S., Sister Somayah [Pot/Nigritian Kief] Randy Jork, Bo Kakke, Jorge Seester

    Joshua Paul Party – 6 MPs
    Uma Yartan [Angell], Natalie Hugger, Yari Nanuku, Kim Thomas [My vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks!], Jermaine Nommick [Vote for Josh], Baruth Radimoro [Vote for Joshua Paul]

    Anarchist Party – 4 MPs
    Angela Keaton [Ordinary Anarchist] Lolo Rose [Artarchist] Paul Wetterau, Stephen Long [Anarchy]

    Marijuana Party – 4 MPs
    Goncho Alvarez, Sabrina Melicia, Kelly Russell, J. Roach

    Peace and Freedom Party – 4 MPs
    Stewart Alexander, Jan Tucker, Maureen Smith, Cindy Sheehan

    Boston Tea Party – 3 MPs
    Joeseph Wendt, Jim Duesnsing, Larry Taggart

    Comedy Central Party – 3 MPs
    Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, _152__ Jim Spahr

    Constitution Party – 3 MPs
    Don J. Grundmann, Michael Peroutka, J.R. Myers,

    Frat Party – 3 MPs
    Nick Dartern, Topher Conway, Benzo Diazepene

    Mexico Party – 3 MPs
    Amendalia Horveo, Victor Huego [Mexico Free], Jesus Primitivo [Mexican Communist],

    Citizens Party – 2 MPs
    [Citizens], KeyantwonS

    Decline to State – 2 MPs
    Joy Waymire, Dan the Handyman

    Catholic Trotskyist Party – 2 MPs
    Jacob Covich, Daniel David Gentry

    Discordian Party – 2 MPs
    P. Steele, Kalera Stratton

    Environmentalist Party – 2 MPs
    Mike Bogatirev, Chuck Pasch

    Jewish Conservative – 2 MPs
    Frejeda Sokol, Morly Canton

    Radical Revolutionary Party – 2 MPs
    Annie Garner, Jennifer Perkins

    Tranny Party – 2 MPs
    Gina Mann, Juwanna Orgasm
    First Vote Count on 8/6/2012

  32. #13 james: Usually Richard posts the percentages of the country which will have each of the candidates on their ballots, later in the election season, once the ballot access deadlines have passed.

    But since the P&F Party is ballot-qualified in California, that will give them ballot access for almost 12% of the U.S. population. If they qualify in Florida too, that will bump them up to almost 18%.

  33. #24 Brad: I can’t see AE giving Roseanne their nomination this year under any circumstances. Roseanne didn’t actively participate in their Internet primary this past spring, nor did she receive a significant number of votes to draft her for the nomination. Furthermore, the top people at AE tended to be moderate Wall Street-executive types, and a Roseanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan ticket would not appeal to them — the kind of candidate they were hoping for was someone like Michael Bloomberg.

  34. #33 Joshua: Yeah I didn’t think AE would go for her. I’m sure they’ll likely stick to the plan of not nominating anyone. If the PFP is going to try and make more of a national presence than finding someone such as Roseanne might be a good choice for the attention she’ll garner. I just wonder if she can make it on many of the states. She has kind of a late start but guess we’ll see.

  35. […] here to read Ballot Access News comments on this […]

  36. I enjoy listening to Roseanne and Cindy go after the criminal ruling elites, and it is great that Roseanne is a celebrity who can expound upon her political views on national TV, but to those who will actually cast a vote for her, the joke is on you! This campaign is a publicity stunt and it is unlikely Barr-Sheehan will achieve ballot status in more than 2-3 states. Your time and energy will be better invested in supporting Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, and helping the Green Party get ballot access in at least 40 states! See

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