Shawn Steel Article Describes Instance at Which California Top-Two System Adherents Tried and Failed to Unseat a Conservative Republican Legislator

Shawn Steel, a former California Republican Party chair, has this interesting account of the California June 2012 outcome for the 74th Assembly District. The incumbent, who was the more conservative of the two Republicans running, placed first, and a second candidate, a Democrat, placed second, so they will be the only two candidates in November. The third candidate, the recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign assistance from adherents of the top-two primary system, only polled 23% and came in third.

One comment

  1. This is just more evidence that “Top Two” has taken power away from the voters and shifted it to the party committees.

    Even more unfortunate is the desire of some like Shawn Steel to reorganize the Republican Party along Leninist lines, demanding loyalty to the Central Committee and threatening those whose judgment leads them to support candidates not backed by the committee.

    “Steel” of course is the English translation of the name of Lenin’s successor as head of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party.

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