Write-in Congressional Candidate Leading in Polls Against Her Ballot-Listed Opponent, in Michigan Republican Primary

Michigan holds major party primaries on August 7. State Senator Nancy Cassis, a write-in candidate in the Republican primary for U.S. House, 11th district, is leading in the polls, even though she has an opponent who is listed on the ballot. See this story.

The Michigan Democratic Party, and also the Republican opponent of Senator Cassis, both filed complaints with election officials to stop her campaign from handing out rubber bracelets near the polls, reminding voters how to spell her name. But those complaints did not prevail. See this story. Thanks to Thomas Jones for the link.


  1. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    Polls mean nothing when comparing a candidate on the ballot and a candidate who is not. Voters are too lazy to take the time to write-in a candidate on the ballot. The polls don’t factor in that laziness.

  2. William Saturn · · Reply

    Alaskans did have any trouble writing in M-u-r-k-o-w-s-k-i

  3. William Saturn · · Reply

    *Alaskans did not have any trouble writing in M-u-r-k-o-w-s-k-i

  4. Demo Rep · · Reply

    # 1-2-3 How many variations of Ms. M were deemed votes for her ??? See the BAN archives.

    Ms M. WAS elected due to the write-in votes for her — since the EVIL on- the- ballot robot party hacks were SOOOOO intolerable.

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