Independent Presidential Candidate Randall Terry Submits West Virginia Petition

Although, as already reported, only one unqualified party, the Libertarian Party, submitted a petition to be on the November ballot statewide in West Virginia, there was also an independent presidential petition submitted. The independent presidential candidate is Randall Terry, famous for fighting against legal abortion for many decades. He submitted 11,433 to meet a requirement of 7,135.

The signatures for both petitions are being checked by the counties. The counties are supposed to finish by August 13. The Green Party is ballot-qualified in West Virginia so did not need to file a petition. The Libertarian petition includes a candidate for Governor, as well as for President and Vice-President. Assuming the Libertarian petition has enough valid signatures, it is fairly likely that the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate will poll at least 1% of the vote, and give the party qualified status for four years. There will be four gubernatorial candidates on the November ballot at most. This is the first time the Libertarian Party has been on the ballot for Governor in West Virginia since 2000, when it polled .86% in a five-candidate race.


  1. Didn’t Terry try to get the Democratic party nomination this year?

    If the Libertarians get ballot access in WV and poll well, it’ll be another big victory for limited government constitutionalists who are sick and tired of the monolithic GOP/DEM duopoly that is grinding America into the ground.

  2. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    Yes he did, he also has write in status for the presidential ballot in Colorado.

  3. Good for the Libertarians. We need to find ways to keep on the ballot. Sounds like they have a good plan.

  4. Terry is running just so he can broadcast TV ads showing pictures of murdered preborn babies.

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