Arkansas May Have as Many as Nine Presidential Candidates on the November Ballot

The Arkansas petition deadline for minor parties that only want to be on the ballot for president has now passed. The independent presidential petition deadline has also passed. The signatures of most petitions that were submitted have not yet been checked. But if all the petitions are valid, there will be nine presidential candidates on the November ballot.

Arkansas has four parties that are qualified for all office: Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian. In addition, these groups used the 1,000-signature petition to qualify only for presidential ballot status: Party for Socialism and Liberation, American Third Party, and American Hemp. Americans Elect also has that status, but is not expected to use it for any purpose.

Also, these independent presidential candidates filed petitions: Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Some sort of range in candidates between utopian NO government and utopian 100 percent government ???

    Or – which candidates will cause the U.S.A. to go bankrupt the quickest ???

  2. American Hemp? Is that the Grassroots Party?

  3. @2 Sorta …may the Schwartz be with them!

  4. What about the American Third party? Is that A3P or something else?

  5. @4 American Third Party and American Third Position (commonly referred to as A3P) are different entities, if I’m not mistaken.

  6. #5- America’s Third Party is a separate political party. Don’t think there is an American Third Party. I believe A3P was going for Arkansas ballot so I am assuming it was simply a misprint and Merlin Miller is who was submitted.

  7. @6 Here’s the link to back up what you said.

  8. It is A3P and Merlin Miller is in fact on the ballot. The work continues as A3P is growing at a faster then expected pace.

  9. The Socialist Party USA should have ballot status in Arkansas, but it sad to say that we don’t have any SP members down there to get ballot access. As for the neo-Nazi A3P, Atlee Yarrow was formerly a member of the SP, until he was expelled for uncomradely behavior and now he is part of the neo-Nazi A3P. I just want know how could anyone go from being a democratic socialist or social democrat to being a white supremacist neo-Nazi? Atlee do you think you can answer that for me?

  10. Like to use those terms a little loosely and wildly vague Matt. The easy answer and most obvious is that I was none of the mentioned terms. I am and always have been Christian Social which has very little to do with any of the totalitarian concepts you mentioned. It appears the SP in FL has imploded as well and cannot get ballot access here. I remember making that prediction, but once again commies fail to understand culture or respect it. Maybe one day the bigots of team SPUSA will stop their racist chatter against folks of European culture and faith, again, I doubt it. Look who their leader is and realize this cultural war has lasted over 2,000 years.

  11. The American Hemp Party petition was rejected because there was no VP candidate on the petition.

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