Jill Stein is the Only Presidential Candidate Who Files as an Independent in Kansas

The Kansas deadline for independent candidate petitions has now passed. The only independent presidential candidate who filed a petition is Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee. Assuming her petition is valid, she will be listed as an independent in Kansas.

The only ballot-qualified parties in Kansas are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Reform, and Americans Elect. The Green Party has never qualified as a party in Kansas.


  1. Interesting.

    “The Green Party has never qualified as a party in Kansas.”

    Why not?

  2. Crip Van Winkle · · Reply

    “The only ballot-qualified parties in Kansas are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Reform. ”

    Americans Elect?

  3. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Did Goode even try after the Reform Party nominated Baldwin?

  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #2, oops! Thank you. I fixed the post.

    #3, it is conceivable that the Reform Party will change its mind and nominate someone other than Chuck Baldwin for president. But so far, Baldwin is the candidate.

  5. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #1, the Green Party has never had the resources to do the Kansas party petition, which requires 16,776 signatures. A group sets its own 6-month petitioning period. Twice the Green Party has set out to collect the party petition, but the 6-month rule always ruined the efforts.

  6. I’m glad to hear the Greens will officially be on the ballot and not just as write-ins. Here in KS we are notorious for stiffing independent/third party candidates.

  7. Kyle,

    You guys are small potatoes when compared to your neighbor down south. At least you will see more than 2 Presidential candidates on the ballot.

  8. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #6, the signatures haven’t been checked yet.

  9. @7 That is quite true. I don’t think the Johnson campaign will be on in OK and they had the best shot in years.

    @8 that is true, and I am sure SOS Kobach will find SOMETHING to keep them off.

  10. The symbol of the Green Party is the sunflower. Shame that such a sunflowered state like Kansas has not had the Greens on the ballot.

  11. I just saw a synopsis of the signature status for various states that was posted on 07/29 by someone on the Facebook Green Party US Youth Caucus.

    I tend to think that young people and students are often some of the more reliable sources for things like this.

    Based on the post I think the ballot access push for this campaign is going to fall short of expectations. I don’t think they will have enough signatures in Kansas. I also think they will not make the ballot in South Dakota, probably New Hampshire, Alaska, Connecticut, Montana, maybe Iowa, Idaho, Virginia, possibly Nebraska, probably Wyoming, and Kentucky, and probably North Dakota.

    I can see why The Greens are on the ballot in all these major metropolitan states like New York, California, Florida, and Illinois. But that they can’t seem to scrape together the support of a dedicated coalition disenfranchised youths, environmentalists, and activists who either live in all these great plains and western mountain states or who are willing to travel to states that allow out of state circulars seems a little sorry to me.

    I wonder if and when those matching funds are going to arrive?

    I strongly believe that the Green Party needs to start paying more attention to the West.

  12. The Greens might miss the ballot in Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Iowa. That’s 147 electoral votes.

  13. Michael · · Reply

    12) Why miss that many ballots? Is the LP getting many of the people who went Green Party in the past?

  14. @11 & 12. Many of the states you mentioned are already settled. All are addressed on the candidate ballot access page. http://www.jillstein.org/ballot

    Stein will be on as an official write-in in NC, NV, CT, SD, IN and MO.

    Petitions have been submitted in KS, PA and AK. PA is a lock.

    VT and GA the party is in court. Maybe a few other places.

    Petitioning continues in the rest where possible, except for OK.

    Ballot access in OK, NC, GA, IN and the Dakotas was always a long shot. No surprises there.

    @13. Libertarians always have more $ than Greens for ballot access. Greens rely almost entirely on volunteers. Also LP tends to do better in rural, local elections in the South and West. Helps them stay on the ballot in tough places like NC.

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