Georgia Attorney General Hasn't Responded to Request for Rehearing in Ballot Access Case

Fifteen days ago, the Georgia Green Party and the Georgia Constitution Party asked for reconsideration in the ballot access case. The Georgia Attorney General has not responded. It is somewhat unusual for a request for reconsideration to be filed, and to elicit no response from the other side.

The case challenges the Georgia ballot access laws for President, which are so stringent, no one has successfully petitioned for President in Georgia since 2000. The U.S. District Court had dismissed the case on the grounds that the U.S. Supreme Court opinion from 1971, Jenness v Fortson, means those procedures are constitutional. But the parties had then asked for reconsideration, pointing out that Jenness v Fortson did not concern presidential ballot access, and also that more recently, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the 11th circuit, had both said presidential ballot access is entitled to more protection than ballot access for other office. Georgia is in the 11th circuit.

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