Green Party Misses Kansas Petition Deadline by a Few Hours

The Kansas independent candidate petition is noon on August 6. The independent candidate petition for Jill Stein was submitted on the afternoon of August 6, but the Secretary of State rejected the petition because it was filed a few hours after noon.

However, it is probable that the petition didn’t have enough valid signatures anyway. The law requires 5,000, but the petition only had 5,520 signatures. All the signatures were gathered in the week before the deadline. The party couldn’t get started sooner because it took time to find a list of candidates for presidential elector.


  1. Just goes to show how persnickety KS can be w/ regards to ballot access…sigh.

  2. Oh man. This is bad. I think she’s only going to make it onto about 30 ballots. Such a let down.

  3. No including Kansas, Stein is already on 28 ballots, so there should be a few more than 30. The outside goal was always about 44.

    Stein is doing a lot of work with local organizers in places like Georgia. Building up a campaigning base is the best way to get prepared for these presidential years. Still, it was a valiant effort in KS.

  4. darrel armstrong · · Reply

    Does KS require a write-in campaign be registered?
    Most states that do seem to require some signatures as well…and either way 5,520 disgruntled voter is a damn good place to start from.
    What do others of you think about a coalition of third parties & independents to help one another get ballot access where Democrats & Republicans have rigged the system in their own favor?

  5. Richard Winger · · Reply

    Yes, Kansas requires write-in candidates to file a declaration of write-in candidacy.

  6. @4 that idea sounds good in theory, but probably won’t work out too well. Competing $ociali$t parties who hate each other probably aren’t going to help out each other to get ballot access or any other party for that matter. third parties are so politically, ideologically divided that nothing like your idea is probably even feasible.

  7. upstartgreen · · Reply

    Is a Court challenge feasable for the Green Party in Kansas.

  8. I doubt they would have grounds to challenge. Kobach (KS SOS) follows the rules to a T when it benefits him. He doesn’t want to see the Greens on the KS ballot because the state is already a Republican bastion.

    Example: A Dem candidate for one of our house districts couldn’t run because Kobach’s office conveniently lost his paperwork.

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