Alaska Will Have No More than Six Presidential Candidates on the November Ballot

The petition deadline has passed in Alaska. The only petitions received involving the presidential race this season are the Green Party and Americans Elect Party petitions. The Americans Elect petition was submitted months ago.

The four ballot-qualified parties on in Alaska are: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Alaskan Independence Party. No one knows which presidential candidate the Alaskan Independence Party will nominate. In 2008, that party nominated Chuck Baldwin, who was also the Constitution Party presidential nominee.


  1. Anyone know when the Alaskan IP will nominate their ticket?

  2. Gary Johnson is going to do very well in Alaska. If the AK Independence Party is smart, they will nominate him.

  3. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    Ed Clark got 11.6% of the vote in Alaska running for president as a Libertarian in 1980. He came in third place in the state and beat John Anderson who came in third nationally (Anderson got 7% in 1980). Alaska has been one of the friendliest states towards third party presidential campaigns. Nader got more than 10% there in 2000. In recent presidential elections the third place candidate always gets a higher percentage of votes in Alaska than he does nationally. If Gary Johnson were to win two states they would be New Mexico and Alaska (though i doubt he will break 15% in either).

  4. Their website says write to find out.

  5. That was @1

  6. #3 I doubt he’ll break 3% in either state.

  7. 7Redacted · · Reply

    #7 — Even Bob Bar, the 2008 LP nominee got around 2% in Alaska back in ’08. There’s a decent chance he could nab maybe 5+% in Alaska. And in New Mexico he’s been polling around 13%. Typically that tends to dwindle come November, but, again, 5+% wouldn’t be unheard of.

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