North Carolina Libertarian Party Receives $96,664 from State Income Tax Check-Off

North Carolina is one of the thirteen states in which the state income tax form lets taxpayers choose to help any particular ballot-qualified party. This year, the state recently sent these amounts to each of the three ballot-qualified parties: Democratic $1,456,436; Republican $898,532; Libertarian $96,664.

Amounts are larger in presidential election years than in other years, because the state policy is to hold back some of the money in non-presidential years, and release it in presidential election years.

The Libertarian Party will probably spend a major share of its money for its gubernatorial campaign, because the party must poll at least 2% of the vote for either President or Governor in order to remain on the ballot in 2014 and 2016. North Carolina elects its Governors in presidential election years. Parties face no vote test in mid-term years.


  1. George Whitfield · · Reply

    Congratulations to the NC Libertarian Party. Yesterday, I sent an email to the sponsor of some gubernatorial debates there because they were not including Barbara Howe in their planned debates. She has registered at 7% in recent polls and is actively campaigning by running a 5K race in each of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

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