Jon Barrie Sues New Mexico Secretary of State over Petition Validity

On August 13, Jon Barrie, the Independent American Party nominee for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, filed a lawsuit in New Mexico Supreme Court to obtain a place on the November ballot. The case is Barrie v Duran, no. 33755. Here is the brief. Even though the Independent American Party is a qualified party in New Mexico, and even though it nominated Barrie in a proper state convention, the Secretary of State says he can’t appear on the ballot, for two reasons: (1) he needed 6,028 valid signatures, and he fell short, even though he submitted 10,279; (2) the election code says a party may not nominate someone who wasn’t a registered member of that party early in the year.

UPDATE: the Court has asked the Secretary of State to respond by August 20, and has set a hearing for August 22, at 2 p.m.

The Secretary of State acknowledges that a U.S. District Court said the law mentioned in (2) above is unconstitutional, back in March 2011, in Woodruff v Herrera. But, she is still enforcing it unless another court tells her not to. As to the number of signatures, Barrie’s brief points out many flaws in the state’s signature-verification process. Some signatures were even rejected because the signer “lives outside the district”, which is obviously absurd, since U.S. Senate elections encompass the entire state.


  1. The “juice” is unity, all parties and independents working together as a team.

    Check out the 9th USA Parliament, the team created by cast ballots and eballots as proof under pure proportional representation (PR), Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, Hegenbach-Bishoff method. Where 1/1000ths of the votes (plus one vote) elects each of the 1000 members of parliament (MPs), with a guaranteed voter satisfaction minimum level of 99.9% plus 1000 votes:

    Very Truly Yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    (415) 686-1996

    PS We’re looking for team players who want to work together in unity based on the mathematical count of (e)ballots cast as proof.

    Because of this math, we can work through the comedy of errors that continually haunts the peoples’ efforts for truly representative government.

  2. The USA Parliament Executive Cabinet Updated on 8/14/2012
    Cabinet Open Forum

    Please be sure to contact any one of the five executives (Execs), the three prime ministers and two secretaries, if/when you’d like to nominate a name to the Cabinet!

    See the results of the Execs voting under the “parliamentary go-ahead” by clicking here.

    The Sixty Full Cabinet Ministers – Volunteers Elected by the Five National Executives

    SEC Minister Justin Kahm [Socialist]
    Energy Minister Carey Campbell [Green]
    Federal Election Commission Minister Barbara Dalton [Independent]
    Peace Corps Minister Mary Zimmerman [Democratic]
    Labor Minister Joan Briscoe [Independent]
    Supreme Electoral Council Minister Casey Peters [Independent]
    Arts & Culture Minister Willie Nelson [Teapot]
    Homeland Security Minister Larry Sckwarczynski [Green]
    Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive Minister Zachary Scott Gordon [Free Parliamentary]
    Interior Minister Jenny Pentland [Roseannearchist]
    Health and Human Services Minister Lynnice Wedewer [Democratic]
    Education Minister Daniel David Gentry [Catholic Trotskyist]
    Defense Minister Tina Drugg [Goddess]
    Speaker Minister Johnny Argent [Roseannearchist]
    Federal Reserve System Minister Magdalena Zurawski [Roseannearchist]
    Agriculture Minister Anita Stewart [Green]
    Foreign Minister Jane Violet [No Affiliation]
    Press Secretary Minister Cynthia McKinney [Green]
    Justice Minister Jay Kelly [Roseannearchist]
    Research and Science Minister Joe Paul Manship [Libertarian]
    General Services Administration Minister Joshua-Paul Angell [Communist]
    Human Rights Minister Debs Keeler [Roseannearchist]
    Treasury Secretary Minister Danny (Dan) Woodring [Independent]
    United States Postal Service (USPS) Minister Robert S. [Pot]
    Housing and Urban Development Minister Kelly Ann Pritchard [Roseannearchist]
    Government Reduction Minister Greg Cipes [Info. Not Avail.]
    Social Security Administration (SSA) Minister Adam Cavalli [Roseannearchist]
    National Council on Disability Minister Michael King [Roseannearchist]
    Commerce Minister Harriet Bookstein [Info. Not Avail.]
    Veterans Affairs Minister Bonnie Tierney [Roseannearchist]
    Attorney General Minister Link K. Scwartz [Info. Not Avail.]
    Vote Counting Minister Minister Rich Stevenson [Green]
    CIA Minister Tippy Canoe [Roseannearchist]
    Economics Minister Jim Burns [Libertarian]
    Independent Expenditure Minister Shannon Cox [RoseanneArchist]
    States Rights Minister Rene Jean [Free Parliamentary]
    Constitutional Law Minister Mosheh Thezion [Libertarian]
    FBI Minister April Flint [Democratic]
    Environmental Minister Dea Riley [Independent]
    Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister Dashus Christ [Roseannearchist]
    Native American Affairs Minister Lisa Sahani [Roseannearchist]
    FEMA Minister JZ Knight [Info. Not Avail.]
    Families, Housing, Community and Indigenous People Minister Vicky Holte Takamine [Info. Not Avail.]
    Small Biz Administration Minister Howard Hauling [Roseannearchist]
    Platform Minister J.R. Myers [Constitution]
    Federal Maritime Commission Minister Jake Pentland [Roseannearchist]
    Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Hal Ginsberg [Green]
    Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Minister Laurie Irvin [Roseannearchist]
    Farm Credit Administration Minister Prince Joseph [Roseannearchist]
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Minister Sevenlayercake [Roseannearchist]
    Crown Minister Colleen Camp Goldwyn [Info. Not Avail.]
    IRS Minister Michele Marie Bachmann [Republican]
    Export-Import Bank Minister Joy Waymire [Libertarian]
    Evict Corporate Influence Minister Debra Paulsen [Independent]
    Transportation Minister Nathan Johnson [American Independent]
    Immigration Minister Hugo Arenas [Roseannearchist]
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Elizabeth Brossa [Roseannearchist]
    BATF Minister Jeannette O’Neal [Non-partisan]
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Minister Tina Cook [Independent]
    AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Minister Seth Wetmore [Green Chaos]

    The Forty-two Deputy Cabinet Ministers

    Deputy Interior Minister David Gwaltney [Green Tea]
    Deputy Health and Human Services Minister Dgreen [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Homeland Security Minister Loris Scagliarini [Independent]
    Deputy Education Minister Lisa Clampitt [Green Tea]
    Deputy Defense Minister Fusion Rocks [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Speaker Minister Patricia Harvey [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Agriculture Minister Jesse Haffran [Libertarian Socialist]
    Deputy Foreign Minister Rebekah Chubekkah [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Press Secretary Minister Angela Field [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Justice Minister Christopher Gotti [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Research and Science Minister Tasvir Singh Bhardwaj [Green]
    Deputy Arts and Culture Minister Sandra Bernard [Info. Not Avail.]
    Deputy Human Rights Minister Star Star [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Peace Corps Minister Herb [aqua tangerine]
    Deputy Treasury Secretary Minister Dawn Varga [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy United States Postal Service Minister LEGION TROLL [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Housing and Urban Development Minister Big John [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive Minister Grace Lee Boggs [Info. Not Avail.]
    Deputy Government Reduction Minister Sheryl Carter [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Social Security Administration (SSA) Minister Dr. Detonator [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy National Council on Disability Minister Prop 215 Patient [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Labor Minister Angela Keaton [Ordinary Anarchist]
    Deputy Commerce Minister SmartCorp Wealth Consultants, LLC [Republican]
    Deputy Veterans Affairs Minister Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian]
    Deputy Attorney General Minister Attorney General Minister Justin Gr8house [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Minister Gabe Alfassy [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy CIA Minister Barry Boom Radio [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Federal Reserve System Minister Savva Vassiliev [Progressive Libertarian]
    Deputy SEC Minister Paul Wetterau [Anarchist]
    Deputy Federal Elections Commission Minister Cheryl Martin-Buescher [Free Thinker]
    Deputy Supreme Electoral Council Minister Lady Jane Green [Roseannearchist]
    Deputy Constitutional Law Minister Coty Scott [Capitalist]
    Deputy Export-Import Bank Minister Roger Mead [Green Tea]
    Deputy Environmental Minister Mike Bogatirev [Environmentalist]
    Deputy Evict Corporate Influence Minister Randy Hicks [Green]
    Deputy FEMA Minister Lisa Carlson [Info. Not Avail.]
    Deputy Communications Minister Vanessa Morley [Defender of the Republic]
    Deputy Independent Expenditure Minister Tom Maris [Democratic]
    Deputy Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister Gary Swing [Green]
    Deputy Economics Minister Lawrence Samuels [Purple Libertarian]
    Deputy Secretary of State Josh Ondich [Independent-Democrat]

    The Minister Nominees Awaiting Higher Rankings by Executives

    HalfwitDi [Roseannearchist]
    Lyesha Sands [Info. Not Avail.]
    Lisa Davis [Bong]
    Katherine Farah [Roseannearchist]
    Jan Tucker [Peace and Freedom]
    Jill Zarin Advices [Roseannearchist]
    Patrick Driscoll [Democratic]
    Brian Harrell [Roseannearchist]
    Susan Relampagosnow [Roseannearchist]
    Martha Plimpton [Roseannearchist]
    Robin Armstrong [Roseannearchist]
    Mike the Cool Person [Roseannearchist]
    Chris Nima [Roseannearchist]
    Charlie Bertini [Roseannearchist]
    Helen Caldicott [Info. Not Avail.]
    Scott Draper [Roseannearchist]
    Adonica Williams [Roseannearchist]
    Froggy [Roseannearchist]
    Fr33Sp33ch [Roseannearchist]
    Berent Lawton [Roseannearchist]
    Mary Rewis [Roseannearchist]
    John Price [Roseannearchist]
    Andrea Phillips [Roseannearchist]
    Nanette [Roseannearchist]
    S Newton [Roseannearchist]
    Jeff Ostach [Roseannearchist]
    Katie Anderson [Roseannearchist]
    Greenspaceguy [Roseannearchist]
    Jason M Phelan [Roseannearchist]
    Karen Misses [Roseannearchist]
    Louis Peitzman [Roseannearchist]
    The Rooster [Roseannearchist]
    Josh Adams [Roseannearchist]
    Big Joe Hawley [Roseannearchist]
    Candis Frye [Roseannearchist]
    Brian Harrell [Roseannearchist]
    Kell Bell [Roseannearchist]
    Jae [Roseannearchist]
    Jonathan Jones [Roseannearchist]
    Darren Staley [Roseannearchist]
    Pete Oburrito [Roseannearchist]
    Barrel Of Oranges [Roseannearchist]
    Sweetred Archer [Roseannearchist]
    Horace Boothroyd III [Roseannearchist]
    Michael Fishman [Roseannearchist]
    Beth [Roseannearchist]
    Cheryl Hooten [Roseannearchist]
    Dylan Brody [Roseannearchist]
    Savanna Knight [Roseannearchist]
    Sarah Jesss [Roseannearchist]
    Jessica Hahn [Roseannearchist]
    Tami Craig Davis [Roseannearchist]
    Julia A. DiCamillo [Roseannearchist]
    Brandon Michael [Roseannearchist]
    Ambra [Info. Not Avil.]
    Devyn Johnson [Roseannearchist]
    PJ [Roseannearchist]
    Saif Quadri [Roseannearchist]
    Vickie Chrisawn [Roseannearchist]
    R. Newell DeWitt [Roseannearchist]
    Mike Levinson [Independent/Republican]
    Piper Page [Roseannearchist]
    Somali Rose [Roseannearchist]
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    Kelly Carlin [Roseannearchist]
    TERRY [Roseannearchist]
    Cinnamaldehyde [Roseannearchist]
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    Lolo Rose [Artarchist]
    Suzanne Simnick [Roseannearchist]
    Holland Taylor [Roseannearchist]
    Jonathan D. Lovitz [Roseannearchist]
    Ralph Beach [Libertarian]
    Kalera Stratton [Discordian]
    CC [Roseannearchist]
    Anne Beckett [Roseannearchist]
    Dawn1051 [Roseannearchist]
    Julie Orton [Roseannearchist]
    Patricia Dillard [Roseannearchist]
    Kevin Demarest [Roseannearchist]
    M. Vaughn [Roseannearchist]
    Tim Tapp [Roseannearchist]
    Diane Wilson [Info. Not Avail.]
    Annie Leonard [Info. Not Avail.]
    Jesse Smith [Roseannearchist]
    Drug Sniffing Cat [Roseannearchist]
    Laura Cavallier [Roseannearchist]
    Keyantwon Stephens [Libertarian]
    James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Brittany Hinkemeyer [Bong]
    Brian Gorrell [Green Tea]
    Byron Anonymous [Independent Green Tea]
    Stephen Armor [LSD/Shrooms]
    William D. Johnson [American Third Position]
    Lucifer Sam [Demon]
    Rosie O’Donnell [Info. Not Avail.]
    Jodell Sovereign [Libertarian]
    Jocelyn Elders [Info. Not Avail.]
    Robert Redford [Info. Not Avail.]
    Elizabeth Warren [Info. Not Avail.]
    Angela Davis [Info. Not Avail.]
    Marcy Kaptur [Democratic]
    Diane Wilson [Info. Not Avail.]
    Marianne Williamson [Info. Not Avail.]
    Catherine Austin Fitts [Info. Not Avail.]
    Natalie Ward [Independent]
    C. Michael Ward [Green Roseannearchist]
    Karen [Info. Not Avail.]
    Judy Chicago [Info. Not Avail.]
    Adella Miketta [Info. Not Avail.]
    Christine Blosdale [Info. Not Avail.]
    Mona Lisa Fortenberry [Info. Not Avail.]
    Shannon Hughey [Info. Not Avail.]
    Marsha Gold [Info. Not Avail.]
    Linda Evans [Info. Not Avail.]
    Lauren Korba [Info. Not Avail.]
    Melissa Nelson [Info. Not Avail.]
    Hilary Liu [Info. Not Avail.]
    Diane Templin [American Independent]
    David Frey [Independent]
    Zachary Scott Gordon [American Libertarian]
    Don Lake [American Independent]
    David Bell [Independent]
    Tony De Renzo [Teapot]
    Jim Doyle [Republican]
    Starchild [Libertarian]
    Orion Karl Daley [Balanced]
    Aarde Atheian [Libertarian]
    Kristi Stone [Libertarian]
    Byron Stephens [Libertarian]
    David Olkkola [Democratic]
    Richard Winger [Libertarian]
    Fox Grigor [Democratic]
    Ralph Hoffmann [Republican]
    Cory Nott [Libertarian]
    Rob Elliott [Independent]
    Dr. Loveless [National Barking Spider Resurgence]
    Marge Buckley [Green]
    Casper Leitch [Independent]
    Marie Phillips [Democratic]
    Alex Plewniak [Libertarian]
    Dennis Davidsmeyer [Democratic]
    John Coffey [Unity08]
    Tony Dunsworth [Libertarian]
    C.L. Gannon [Liberty First]
    William Johnson [Republican]
    Mable Kovach [Democratic]
    Jorge Sanchez [Progressive Democrat/Green]
    Rhys Scarlett [United Socialism]
    Bill Palmer [Info. Not Avail.]
    Kurt Brown [Pot]
    Eric Stevenson [Pizza]
    Kirk Joseph [Independent]
    Matt Lemmons [United Socialism]
    Michael A. Cluley [America First]
    Markham Burton [Democratic]
    Joseph Rogers [Green]
    Thomas Leavitt [Green]
    James Anthony [LEAP]

    Nominate a new Cabinet Minister

  3. Peter Gemma · · Reply

    “fight back” should be the theme of 3rd parties – offering voters an alternative voice on policies is the second step; first we need a fair and just election process. Go git ’em Jon.

  4. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Peter… haven’t you been reading posts 2 through 4? We’ve already won! Hooray! Hallelujah! World without end…Amen. (Just kidding!)

  5. @6 A good analogy for the pace of the 9th USA Parliament is the time line of the allies on Normandy Beach on June 6th 1945.

    Fight back, yes.

    But with fewer than 5000 feet on the ground, and expecting more than one million, as current pace we’re about seventeen minutes into the morning, “Battle of the Bulge” is more than 175,000 years into the future and we’re losing about 2500 units every 1/6th of a second.

    We have not “already won” and your comment is out of place.

    We’re still trying to build a large center with left and right wings, but our numbers are being rapidly diminished. Sure, we’ll have a few loons making off the wall comments, and we’ll have some jokes about those dead at the gate, dead in the water and the heads and body parts are flying all around.

    I myself have no legs and I’m in communication.
    But please, be realistic. We’re not winning. ;|

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