AFL-CIO Endorses a Green Party Congressional Candidate in Arkansas

According to this story, the Arkansas AFL-CIO has endorsed Rebekah Kennedy for U.S. House, in the Arkansas Third District.


  1. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    Abel Tomlinson ran as a Green in a two way race against republican John Boozman in that district in 2008. The greens took 21.47% in that district. I expect Kennedy to do somewhat better since she actually has some name recognition from her Senate run against Mark Pryor. I imagine she will get somewhere around 35% of the vote at best.

  2. It does my heart good to see that the AFL-CIO realizes that the Democratic Party isn’t the only pro-labor game in town. They may be the biggest, but they’re certainly not the best. The labor movement is to the Democrats what the Pro-Life movement is to the Republicans: Someone to whom they have to pay lip service to. If the AFL-CIO would wake up and endorse Jill Stein, America could have the first presidential election since 1912 with four candidates getting more than 5% of the vote.

    They were Woodrow Wilson (Democrat), Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive), William Howard Taft (Republican), and Eugene Debs (Socialist); in that order.

  3. Austin Cassidy · · Reply

    I believe there will also be a Libertarian on the ballot in that race. Each might get 10-15% of the vote, I suspect.

  4. How many other candidates are there in the race?

    It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

  5. @5. The Arkansas Secretary of State’s office lists three candidates for the 3rd Congressional district, with the following parties and dates filed:

    Congressman Steve Womack
    U.S. Congress District 03 Republican 02/24/2012

    Rebekah Kennedy
    U.S. Congress District 03 Green 05/21/2012

    David Pangrac
    U.S. Congress District 03 Libertarian 05/21/2012

  6. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    If there is a libertarian running i imagine Kennedy will get some 20% – 25% of the vote and the Libertarian will get around 10% unless gary johnson does better than 10% in the district in which case he may get more.

  7. @6 Thanks for the info. This will shape up to be an interesting race.

  8. I’d like to see an interesting race here. Maybe have some former Arkansas Democrats endorse Kennedy or something. Kennedy may not have a shot at winning here but what are the odds that she can easily take in 30% or more of the vote?

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