Connecticut Secretary of State Says Libertarian Statewide Petitions Will be Checked in Two to Three Weeks

According to this story, the Connecticut Secretary of State says it will take two to three weeks to check the only statewide presidential petition submitted this year, the petition for the Libertarian ticket. The petition has 12,686 signatures. The law requires 7,500 valid.


  1. The Libertarian Party shouldn’t have to wait two or three weeks to find out if Secretary of State Merrill is going to decide if they have enough valid signatures to get on the ballot. Nobody should have to. I believe that it should be assumed that there are enough signatures if the signatures can’t be verified in a reasonable time frame.

  2. Two or three weeks to check if the signatures are enough or not? Another reason that petition signatures should be done by computer nowadays. Instead of 2 or 3 weeks, you can check the 12,866 signatures in a day!

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