Peace & Freedom Party Files Brief in California Case over Presidential Qualifications

Peta Lindsay and the Peace & Freedom Party recently filed this brief in Peace & Freedom Party v Bowen, the case pending in U.S. District Court over whether the Secretary of State had the authority to barr Lindsay from the party’s presidential primary ballot. Because the primary is over and Lindsay is not running in California in the November election, the case will proceed after the election is over. A hearing is set for late September.


  1. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    I agree with the Secretary of State in this case. There is no reason for someone to run for an office they can’t hold. This isn’t American Idol, this is about who will be the next president. I realize you are going to say that voters should be able to vote for anyone they want in November because the real vote isn’t until December, but I still don’t think someone should run for an office they can’t hold.

  2. I agree with #2. While I oppose the political views of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, I support their right to run a presidential candidate. When she turns 35, I will support the right of Peta Lindsay to be that presidential candidate. For me at least, running a national ticket composed of two people who can not serve in the office they are running for makes a bigger mockery of the PSL than it does of the admittedly corrupt system they hope to bring down.

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