Some Ballot-Qualified Parties in a Single State Still Haven't Chosen a Presidential Nominee

Mitt Romney’s announcement on August 11 that Paul Ryan is his choice for the Republican nomination for vice-president did not end all the suspense about the identity of presidential and vice-presidential nominations. Some ballot-qualified parties still have not chosen their presidential and vice-presidential nominees.

The most important of the parties that haven’t nominated yet, but which will, is the New York Independence Party. That party cannot nominate a presidential candidate until after its new state committee is in place. State committee elections for New York state parties are on September 13. It is considered extremely likely that the Independence Party will nominate President Obama, even though in 2008 it nominated John McCain. In 2004 it had nominated Ralph Nader; in 2000 it had nominated John Hagelin; in 1996 it had nominated Ross Perot. UPODATE: Bill Van Allen points out that New York state now requires qualified parties to submit their list of presidential elector candidates by September 10, so the Independence Party must decide on a presidential nominee before the September 13 primary.

Other parties that are on the ballot in a single state, and which always nominate someone for President, and which haven’t nominated yet, are: (1) Liberty Union in Vermont; (2) Independent Party of Connecticut; (3) Alaskan Independence Party. The Connecticut Independent Party will nominate on August 21. It is not known when the Alaskan Independence Party, or Liberty Union, will nominate. If any reader knows, please comment.


  1. I would imagine that the Liberty Union will nominate Stewart Alexander? Although I wonder if Rocky Anderson or Roseanne Barr might try and get it. The AIP usually goes with the Constitution Party but I wonder if for some reason they’ll switch and pick someone else. I’m not familiar with the Independent Party of Connecticut so not sure who they’d pick.
    Richard, what about United Citizens Party in South Carolina? I know in 08 they nominated Obama and it was refused but prior to that they were putting guys like Walt Brown on the ballot under their party line. Any word on what they might do?

  2. I hope the Independence Party of New York doesn’t nominate Obama or Romney. Really hope they pick someone that doesn’t have ballot access like Rocky Anderson, Roseanne Barr, Stewart Alexander. Or Gary Johnson if he isn’t on although i would suspect he’ll make it. Even Andre Barnett would be a better pick in my opinion. Help a guy out that needs it. Obama is already going to win NY. Although I guess if it helps the NYIP out than I can’t blame them.

  3. Will the Liberty Union candidate listing be known for other offices soon? unsure on if they fell in a gap between the parties with primaries and unqualified parties for having their candidates listed by the state. I know Peter Diamondstone had his house burn down earlier this year. Not sure how that’d impact the party, if any.

  4. @1. I think the United Citizens Party is being run by the same people as 2008. They’ll ‘back’ Obama, to the same effect, I would expect.

  5. Ben Schattenburg · · Reply

    Isn’t there also the Vermont Progressives?

  6. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #5, the Vermont Progressives don’t normally enter the presidential election. They did in 2000 (for Ralph Nader) but that was the only time.

  7. What about the Conservative Party of the United States? I know they didn’t enter the presidential race in 08 but they might challenge Romney and Obama with a new third party candidate like Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann.

  8. @7. You are making stuff up. Is there actually a Conservative Party of the United States?

    The Conservative Party of New York is unrelated to any “Conservative Party of the United States”. The CPNY works as a semi-independent ballot line for Republicans, much like the Working Families Party does for the Democrats. These parties exist because of the long history of fusion in local NY politics. CPNY has no relationship to national politics. There is Zero chance that either party will nominate anyone other than their senior partner party’s nominee.

  9. I’m going to make the following projections.

    – NY Independence will endorse Johnson or Anderson
    – Liberty Union will go for Barr
    – Independent Party of CT will go to Anderson
    – Alaskan Independence will go for Goode

  10. There is a national Conservative Party USA and a national American Conservative Party, I believe that is what #7 is refering to. Although at this late date they would not be on many, if any, state ballots.

  11. Michael · · Reply

    7&8) I remember when the Conservative Party was formed because that was the last time I ever heard from it. I also hope the IP of New York will nominate someone other than Romney or Obama and stay third party. Also, how about the IP of Minnesota?

  12. Michael · · Reply

    Also, Alaska IP has usually gone to the Constitution Party.

  13. Has the Independence Party of Minnesota already endorsed someone or do they have a ballot line this year?

  14. Richard Winger · · Reply

    The Independence Party of Minnesota has never nominated a presidential candidate, except in 1996 when its name was the Reform Party and it nominated Ross Perot.

  15. Would it go against the platforms of various ‘Independence’ parties to run their own candidates for President? Or would it be a paradox towards their philosophy of the States having more sovereignty?

  16. Most of the one-state parties named “Independent Party” or “Independence Party” have run presidential candidates in recent years, even if they aren’t doing so this year. States which have had such parties on the ballot in the past, with either of those names, include Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

  17. Why would the NY Independence Party nominate Obama this year if they didn’t do so in 2008? Have more Democratic-leaning people taken major positions within the party?

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