Michigan Republican Congressman Thad McCotter Petitions from 2010 Were Invalid, but He Still Got on Ballot That Year

The recent news about Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter’s petitions being invalid this year prompted some research into his previous primary ballot access petitions. According to this story on Politico, the 2010 petition was also invalid, but no one seems to have noticed at the time, and he was on the Republican primary ballot in 2010 with no difficulty. Thanks to Daniel Sachs for the link.

One comment

  1. The saga of former Congressman Thad McCotter just keeps getting stranger and stranger. As a politician myself, I can really feel his pain. That said, I also feel bad for whoever it is who should have been a congressman from that district for the last two years. Since people have been bemoaning the fact that they were going to have to pay for elections to fill the vacancy caused by McCotter’s resignation, maybe the could let the person who should have been a congressman all along serve out the rest of the term.

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