New York Conservative Party Will Formally Nominate a Presidential Candidate on September 8

The New York Conservative Party will formally choose a presidential nominee on September 8. No one believes there is any suspense about the decision. The Conservative Party has never nominated anyone for President who wasn’t also the Republican Party nominee.


  1. Michael · · Reply

    In 1968, they couldn’t decide between GOP Nixon or AIP Wallace and they left the top of the ticket blank.

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #1, in 1968 the Conservative Party wanted to nominate Nixon, but Nelson Rockefeller was utterly hostile to the Conservative Party, and he was still Governor, and he influenced the New York State Republican Party to refuse to let the Conservative Party cross-endorse the Republican candidates for presidential elector. Rockefeller had also blocked the Conservative Party from nominating Barry Goldwater in 1964. But by the time of the 1972 election, the Republican Party changed its mind and let the Conservative Party cross-endorse the Nixon electors, and ever since the Conservative and Republican presidential elector candidates have been the same slate.

  3. i hope they nominate virgil goode

  4. In 1972 supporters of Congressman John Schmitz attempted to nominated him on the Conservative Party ticket in New York. The vote was Nixon 156 to Schmitz 38.

    Otherwise there has never been a serious effort to nominate anyone other than the official Republican nominee on the Conservative line.

  5. If they nominate Romney they will be part of the problem also…I hope they nominate Virgil Goode!!

  6. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    As a young man I first heard of the Conservative Party of New York State. I became even more interested in 3rd party politics. I used to think I was a “conservative” until I started reading and listening closely to what conservative politicians really said and believed. I knew that I was not that calloused against government helping people. It took me a while to find out where I stood politically, but today I am most comfortable in subscribing to the populist philosophy and wearing the Independent label.

  7. 2) Mr. Winger, that was another reason, however I was told by a reliable source a number of years ago that Nixon vs Wallace was the main reason they didn’t name a candidate that year. 4) I read once that Ron Paul, then the LP candidate, got 30 percent of the vote at the 1988 Conservative Party meeting.

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